Vladimir Putin: A ‘Didn’t Quite Make It’ To Human Being Suffering From ‘Stalin Brain Rot’

Vladimir Putin is another person who, every time he opens his mouth, is vomiting cranial diarrhea originating from his brain crevices filled with the impacted decay of horseshit.  A genuine reference for ‘Stalin Brain Rot.

Maybe Putin’s brain is suffering from syphilis?  If not, it appears to me he shows evidence of suffering from a mid-life-crisis1 (minus the neglect of personal hygiene or appearance) embroidered with Napolean Complex.

It might explain the inhuman authoritarian visibility of his jackoff behavior.

Putin wants to loot the resources of Ukraine with the help of the chinese government.  It gives him and his Russian buddies another environmental landscape to pollute like adolescents who refuse to clean their room.

Don’t believe me?  Look at the Russian city of Norilsk became one of the most polluted places on earth.  Russian oligarch’s piss and crap all over everything and keep their people suffering in poverty to maintain control.

This control through poverty happens in the USA too.  It is called, Elite Socialism and you can watch or read about it here and here.  Fascist, Club for Growth, Billionaires enforcing inequality to maintain control of the middle-class populations, is the popular tool of choice for decades wielded by the moral depravity of Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats.

The support for neoliberal economic policies by Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, and political media (even MSNBC, whose producers force feed more discussion about Republicans than of Democrats) is a known precursor for fascist, capitalist, authoritarian leaders, and movements whose ultimate end result is the dismantling of democracies.

Toss in purchased, seated by the thievery of Moscow Mitch a group of Supreme Court Justices who embrace the Confederate Constitution through the apologetics of beer drinking, total ignorance as to when the soul enters the human body (their male defiance in giving the state control over a woman’s body,) favoring corporate control by brown nosing fascist billionaires such as the Mercer’s and Koch’s.

Add Alito’s worship of money instead of true free speech, Gorsuch’s demented interpretation of no separation between church and state, Amy Coney-Barrett’s lack of qualification for the Supreme Court and most of them pushing a theocratic agenda disguised by state rights to control the individual, preferred over Federal guidance.

What a jurisprudence clown car established by the fascist Federalist society and spiritual jackoff’s like evangelicals.

It is of no wonder why a brainwashed, mentally demented stefl-righteous people such as Republicans and Putin never quite made it into the ranks of becoming a true human beings.  And I do not know what the EFF he is talking about the spirituality of Russia.  Which Russia is he talking about? 

If it is him and the oligarchs, their spirituality, like Xi Jinping’s is nothing more than torture and death to people they seek to dominate and control—and that isn’t spirituality.  And neither is the Republican party filled with the abundant wisdom of spirituality.

It is moral depravity2

‘Nuff said—for now.

Copyright ©2022 William Strickler. All rights reserved.


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