The RNC and FOXNews: A Group of People Lacking Humanness, Suffering from ‘Stalin Brain Rot’

RNC, SnarlingNC. Putin and his boy billionaire mafia’s have purchased the RNC and FOXNews as a neoliberal tool of choice for takeover of free world democracies. This group of people are literally nothing more than shills for Communist takeover of the USA.

They resemble the shrill voice of Japanese Yokai, creating infernal hallucinations in people who wrongly fear their freedom has been taken away.

The RNC and FOXNews is what winning at all costs looks like in a group of people who can be bought–and–paid for—American citizens, who create a guise of feigned suffering , borne in the womb of their unchecked imaginations.

These denizen, idiot puppets have given up their free will and power of choice to become the poster children who are a chartered voice for Putin and Xi Jinping’s politburo.

A winning at all cost mentality is the consequence of insufficiently literate people choosing to NOT become fully vested as human beings.

For a basic primer, read my 2016 article, “Takeover, The New Dark Age.”

‘Nuff said—for now.

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