Republican Daemon of Death

a work in progress by Rev. W. David Strickler

The Rotting Death of Political Necromancy

It appears to be increasing evermore, ongoing damage occurring right out in front of everybody in the Office of the Presidency.  Seemingly, the new rotting core values of death and decay raucously rifling inside the Republican’s political party are slavery, austerity, neoliberalism and arrogant self-righteousness; borne of unchecked imagination devoid of facts and truths.  By spiritual/mystical standards, this unsettling discordance has been brought about as an act of necromancy emerging from some so-called religious groups spread within a milieu consisting of a mixed percentage from Evangelicals, Dominionists, white nationalist political groups and Christians, just naming a few. Along with garnering a loud cacophony of group psychopathy emerging from an unconscious orgy of radicalized ideas, willfully generating an invocation of hate, anger and indifference.  A daemonic manifestation welled up, resulting in a group-think cult,  a daemon whose name is derived from Legion, a descriptive moniker, suffice for now, shall go by the name ‘the Republicans’ Daemon of Death.’  This Daemon of Death has breached and pustules clearly from the womb of the Republican party, a party who apparently lacks the will for healthy prevention in mental and emotional health abstinence, or at the very least, some form of strict psychological birth control, consisting of instinctual, emotional and intellectual interventions.  Being fed in the womb of Republican conscious and unconscious consensus this Angel (Daemon) is what assigns ignition to uncleared subconscious kindling into the rotting stench of bigotry, racism and institutional corruptionin the United States.

There is a deeper significance voicing throughout the cacophony of national discourse which appears through the sound and dance of the Republican chorus screeching DEFIANCE to the progressive nature of God’s WORD & Creation. Continue reading Republican Daemon of Death

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