Republikans: Mad-Cow Disease, Parasitic ‘Stalin Brain Rot’ or Both?

The Republican party has become of tool for Putin and his boy billionaire mafia’s planned takeover of democracies.  The RNC is what winning at all costs looks like as a group of American citizens suffering from the mental illness of hallucinations. 

Idiot puppets who are a chartered voice for Putin and Xi Jinping’s politburo1.

Another example of what unchecked self-righteousness can produce in people who have Covid-19 directing the prions of Mad Cow disease to overtake their rational mind so that Stalin Brain Rot can complete their zombie trance.

Please read my 2016 article, “Takeover, The New Dark Age.”

‘Nuff said—for now.

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  1. Dmitriev, Oleg. “Politburo – Russiapedia Of Russian Origin.” Russiapedia RT. (February 23, 2022).[]
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