Black Magician Donald Trump: A Republican Party Evil Daemon of Death

This Article is a work in progress by Rev. W. David Strickler

updated 16 of October 2018

The Rotting Death of Political Necromancy

It appears to be increasing evermore, ongoing damage occurring right out in front of everybody in the Office of the Presidency.  Seemingly, the new rotting core values of death and decay raucously rifling inside the Republican’s political party are slavery, austerity, neoliberalism and arrogant self-righteousness; borne of unchecked imagination devoid of facts and truths.  By spiritual/mystical standards, this unsettling discordance has been brought about as an act of necromancy emerging from some so-called religious groups spread within a milieu consisting of a mixed percentage from Evangelicals, Dominionists, white nationalist political groups and Christians, just naming a few. Along with garnering a loud cacophony of group psychopathy emerging from an unconscious orgy of radicalized ideas, willfully generating an invocation of hate, anger and indifference.

Invoking the Evils of Political Daemonic Infestation

This daemonic well is filled with the turpid water of black magic marketing, called winning at all costs, welled up from within the  indignant, callous ignorance inside the evil corner in the mind of Donald Trump, produces a group-think cult,  a daemon whose name is derived from Legion, a descriptive moniker, suffice for now, going by the name ‘the Republicans’ Daemon of Death.’

Trump’s Daemon of Death has breached and pustulates clearly from the infested womb of the Republican party, a party who apparently lacks the will for healthy prevention in mental and emotional health abstinence, or at the very least, some form of strict psychological birth control, consisting of instinctual, emotional and intellectual interventions and instead, invoking moral depravity in service to the embedded evil of exploitation in Capitalism and Donald Trump’s pockets.

Trump feeds and preys on the psychological fetus in the emotional womb of Republican’s unconscious mind by using authority to create false images in supporters wounded, bleeding psyches by become the speaking arbiter outside and then inside their heads, exploiting their weakness and becoming a god who provides for them what they think God appears to have not answered or provided for them: Trump creates consensus using the force of Daemons to ignite the kindling in the uncleared forest of subconsciousness into a flame of bigotry with it’s decomposing flesh of racism and institutional corruption in the United States.

Enter, the Infested, Black Magician’s Psyche

Trump is a Black Magician, or at the very least a flesh pod containing an infestation Daemonic hierarchy fueled by the seven deadly sins, putrefied emissions from Soul’s participating at Trump’s mass hypnotism rallies .  These rallies feed the infestation of the vampiric Daemonic hierarchy with the turbid outpouring involving the irrational emotions of hatred, fear, racism, bigotry and anger to energize a hypnotized constituency to willfully destroy the institutional foundation of the United States Democratic Republic into the possibility a Dictatorial Nation created in the image and darkness of Trump and the evil he represents whose footstool is in the unresolved extortion of exploitative and expropriating sins within Capitalism.

Donald Trump lacks the necessary intelligence to produce a beneficial long term outcome that builds the United States into a Nation that serves it’s citizens with positive, life building public outcomes.  Instead Trump’s unspiritual psychopathy serves to raise the blood sucking vampire squid-his family-to fill the coffers of private sector with underserved money that lack accountability, the means justify the ends, or in other words, the moral depravity of CORRUPTION.

The Daemonic Court—Jeersters

President Trump, the second lieutenant to the Father of Lies, cannot do this all alone.  To accomplish an insidious and maybe bloodless political coup d’é·tat requires the Clown Princes who assist the second lieutenant to the Father of Lies to further his blood sucking tentacles.  Enter the infested bodies of unspiritual psychopathy part of the Evangelical cult, the whited sepulchres of Senator Mitch McConnell,  Senator Orrin Hatch, Mike Pompeo, Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Lindsey Graham, to name only a few.  It would be remiss not to mention any other corruption or monetary illiterates that fuel the Republican and Libertarian party bait and switch lies. This daemonic waft of political court jeersters are called upon to jeer at anything that resembles facts that lead to truths, twisting the meaning of words to confuse the children of God and subjugate them to the agenda of their ungodly, unchristian evil political will; the evil of winning at all costs.  This isn’t winning, it is a minority riding roughshod over the majority in order to control outcomes in their favor, not through healthy competition but by force of jury rigging their results and conveniently changing rules to tilt the table into their pockets.

There is a deeper significance voicing throughout the cacophony of national discourse which appears through the Trump Republican chorus of vomiting political horse shit disguised as political manna: DEFIANCE to the progressive nature of God’s WORD & Creation.

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