ReligioPoliticoaire Authoritarianism—Year 2022?

ReligioPoliticoaire Authoritarianism—Year 2022?

January 3, 2022

Another Day, Another Year, and more ReligioPoliticoaires.

Religiopoliticoaire? What in the name of god’s green earth did you just say?  Residual pollen in the air? Well, it is New Year 2022—and Space moves on properly named by Time–History, or as a ˜friend of mine Tom Russo elegantly and poetically once chimed, “history is the asshole of time.” 

Maybe time is revisiting similar areas of space where it has moved in prior cycles?  And this familiarity would rightly be called Déjà  Vu.  But the events are dissimilar, and some things are similar.  However, resonating inside we hear and see the same internal, unconscious themes of racism, misogyny, inequality, and fearful socialist elites given a name by me, ‘religiopoliticoaires.’

The problem with the elite’s (and this includes some of the religious IDIOT elite brethren hyperventilating noxious gases from their misguided interpretations of the Book of Revelations, is their lack of sufficient human literacy along with their highly biased, dubious accounting and systems of interpretation; which was paid for (of course) by the dual personalitied religiopoliticoaires.

But I am getting ahead of myself.  I haven’t sufficiently given a full throated definition of what I have named the religiopoliticoaires.  So I shall digress.

The problem with some of the middle class is their lack of sufficient human literacy that has remained underdeveloped using the guise of apathy in refusal to learn the difference in how perception enables the discernment of reality versus how perception of what their mind concocts in their imaginations via the inner emotional highways may only be imagination unchecked by atrophied muscles of reason unsharpened by the lack of years in education or misuse of the religious term righteousness, which was superimposed (erroneously and feloniously) over a deviant interpretation of the word “holy.” Some Evangelicals deservedly fell into the snares of predatory capitalism’s perverted prosperity gospels.

The world will continue to go through it’s karma of race memory until an equilibration spreads, generating an ongoing harmony to calm thee divisions stoked by the fearful socialist elites weaponized by neoliberal economic policies with a political-genetic heritage from the deviant mutations known as Thatcherism, Friedmanomics, and the “Chicago Boys” who showed the elites how to game the system, using inequality as enforcement controls to keep the middle class in serfdom and a heightened state of anxiety fueled by conspiracy theories.

…Blind, Misogynist Rage…

(to be continued)

Copyright ©2022 by Rev. William David Strickler

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