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updated: 2016 Friday, December 2

Welcome to a brief explanation of mysticism and mystics.  While no record is complete with content capture the full range of experience that the gift of sentience provides, this will be a partial capture, exploration and musing of experiences interpreted through the living Personality given to me to regenerate, to learn with and through, to grow with and through, and help shape ‘myself’ and part of the world I live and move and experience part of being within cultivating the seamless robe of Adonai given for my use.

I am what would be considered in some religious hierarchies a Bishop who is a Mystic coming from within the Western Mystery Schools via being an ordained priest of the order I represent and ever student of Qabalah, along with ; one of many expressions of a physical Oral Tradition which initiated the path of education/discernment.  Of course, this background contributes heavily to the style in which I articulate and express through the fabric of Personality.

Part of Mysticism is a process of learning to interpret and learning to interpret is part of the daily learning in Life, like it or not. Whether or not one is a Mystic, a person does not learn how to interpret until one has the courage to do so. In the mainstream (exoteric) milieu, if uninformed, there is often a tendency to create imaginary and often fantasy filled definitions of mysticism which continues to occur;  this type of slander continues to exert significant mal-interpretation and misinterpretation of actual realities, facts that lead to truths, and the truths of consciousness that Mystics attempt to convey: we square off with ‘what is’ and are open to the mysteries yet to be understood within the physical and non-physical aspects of the Universe we see and not see, we hear and not hear, smell and not smell, taste and not taste, yet remaining in awareness of how Life and it’s gift ‘touches’ us.  Yet, our vocation is at times filled with the occasional zealot crackpot, just as any other vocation has to endure from occasional moments or repetition of vocal personality disorders since we live in a Nation that has little regard for mental health unless that person has money in order for his behavioral disorder to be acceptable.

Mystics also cultivate a lens which, for lack of better description, provides a means of unfoldment through enhanced perspective; the ability to weigh and measure accurately in the eye of self-consciousness. In order to develop perspective, we need to learn how to see reality, how not to look merely at surfaces.

Mystics deal with Facts and Paradoxes that lead Truths; not the hallucinations of imagination to live vicariously in their head, unchecked by the use of reason.  No are we slaves to 140 characters of hallucination designed to appease the gluttony of a human mind feeding on made up facts here again, unchecked by the use of reason.  Mystics measure, collect data and use our self-consciousness.  We operate in the physical laboratory called the human body, which is in itself a collective; a corporeal intelligence used to serve the incarnation of consciousness experiencing the Delusion of separateness.  We can measure the square footage required for tile need in a living room, we don’t guess or make up shit to convince someone of anything.  Sales people (billionaires) do that.

We also honor that which we do not see, accepting the initial limited range of lens that nature provides for the sojourn of a soul missioned by it’s Spirit.  We honor the interdependent connection all human beings share in substance and spirit that appears hidden to those suffering from the Delusion of separateness that casual glance or lack of soul maturity provides.  We honor the ongoing education of the Soul in its journey while fighting the black magic of mass hallucination engaged by those who seek power to control any one human being, or ‘race’ who lack developed discernment.  We are in recognition of the devolutionary arc that the current humanity displays through the disunity some member of humanity place on the greed of winning for the sake of hurting other souls and interfering in some Souls evolutionary process.

We choose Openness  instead of conscious sedation.  We choose individuality over the consensus of the herd or mob mind mislead by the greed, lust and avarice of leaders who are usually mentally damaged in body, mind, personality or soul.

Mysticism and Mystics also has its fair share of warped and unhealthy personalities as is such in any formal or informal institution/tradition. There are also other unregenerated personalities that ‘mystical consciousness’ has nudged in order to spark the evolution of yet unfinished person’s growth away the delusion of materialism.

We recognize that humanity is composed of people of various capacities of spiritual sickness or health.  We recognize the fear of those who lack the expansive versatility of being able to live amidst human beings of genetic differentiation of the archaic, old view of the ‘race mind’ that is currently groaning like an angry out of control human beast, lacking the mature developmental ability to stop the mesmerization unchecked inside themselves.

Mystics seek to adequately express, give measurement, seek depth and breadth of experiences to understand the illness in human mental condition so we may work and share alongside further developed mystics.  As always, within the exoteric massive hallucination there are personalities who appear to be unable to distinguish between imagination and reality, facts from truths.

Is mysticism or mystics relevant in this so called modern age?  Only in a society seeking to harness the possible evolutionary power inherent within the Nation-State where individuals seek to wake up from the hallucinatory sickness of ‘Hobbesian Bestiality’ and respect the potential that resides within the growth of the individual that should be fueled for the benefit of said individual and its contribution to the village that raised him or her.

We also counter the imbalance created by unregulated greed that seeks to freely monopolize against evolution by its use of slavery of in pursuit of money that resides inside the Collectivism known as companies, where all property belongs to a select few; where intellectual contribution goes unrecognized and is owned by the heads of the collective that sucks out the physical life-marrow out of the employees of such collectives in fear of its own survival.  True humanity sees human sees no losers or winners,  just various hallucinations in the sickness of winning and losing that promote fear and ignorance from exaggerated understanding of autonomy, which undermines true growth and prosperity

Mystics recognize an ongoing narcosis inside some individuals that produces a demand for behavior that is subservient and fearful of losing a paycheck to those who producers who are subservient to fear and the false, synthetic golden calf they call a market a candy land to a mind enslaved by ownership of other human beings in the collectivism called a company.

Mystics are often the ones saying:

Stop. Don't. Come back.
Stop. Don’t. Come back.

For instance, mystics have been a voice of reason against the unrestrained use of the black magic of advertising (persuasion) that Barker’s use to fecundate the uterus of people’s imaginations.   A “paid for” behavior has been a continual means of control and harassing use of Power used in the Private Sector that has promoted and upheld the current 6,000 year devolutionary cycle humanity currently finds itself within,  in spite of the technological advances occurring alongside the discovery of knowledge (not information) realized in this century. The Money Brokers (Mis-Handlers) in the financial private sector, through redirection, patronization and chimera require Human Ego to bow to their pseudo-Authoritarian god-complex & deep fearfulness of uncertainty, in order to accomplish a degeneration into Neo-Feudalism.

Simply put:  Privatized economies are the creators of real economic contraction and this is the mouthpiece and Dominionism of devolution.

Mystics have warned against collectivism called companies that seek the often  overly identified constraints of the Beastly Materialist Ego, whose tool of Financial Sector (modern Sadducees) and VAIN religiosity (who often become suckers of the Financial Sector) pounding on their high chairs like children with a bib on, or likened unto adolescents demanding Regulations to be not regulated (curfew); whilst buying the strings of Political Leaders who ignore the Prophets in History who warn of the resulting slavery that Money Handlers produce with the aid of their journalist-reporters-entertainment ‘talking media head outlets’ paid to promote a willful ignorance of the economics of true Human Spirit; a willful ignorance truncating a fuller, more complete picture of What IS.

Mystics have also warned that, “Source”, “All That Is”, “UnMoved Mover” “god”, “God”, who IS both mono and plural, is not a Jack-in-the-Box and neither is Jesus, contrary to the irrational twisted elegance of sophistry voiced by some religious-sect eschatologists (by whatever hallucination they induce within themselves as evangelicals, Baptists or whatever they devoutly mentally masturbate to or, e.g., kill you in the name of God) spreading the sickness of their mental seed engineered by men to force Jesus or God to ‘pop out’ and appear on earth when the conditions are rigged by people in humanity, as if their genitalized image of ‘god’ they worship


god they worship, the creator of the universe will appear as if it is groundhog.  How sick is that  { editors note: Really? Is that so? Did I miss something? Did you come up with that all by yourself in the one room movie theater of your mind? } Some will or will not Wake up on this hospital ship called earth – these types of damaged people are insane and will stand (as we all will) in Truth’s Libel and Slander suit.

So, the ‘ignorance is bliss’ that is seeking to stay in the comfort zone of internal darkness is not the answer, nor is a Plutocratic/Feudal society that attempts to cloak itself in that very same darkness to rule and control those who seek Light to disinfect themselves from its beastly chains of limited materialistic substance. Nor do mystics promote austerity; we point to the middle path, which is not instant gratification, but a balance that promotes the true freedom of developing human beings in the discovery of truths that benefit the welfare of all, not just themselves.

I may not understand forgiveness completely, but I do believe that How we treat anyone, along with what we do in this life contribute to how our Soul is weighed when we are released from the husk called the physical body. So it is way too early in this article to cover the sometimes anomalies of absolution or forgiveness.

In the meantime there are plenty of problems to solve without invoking or having any new age seven-fold 4th state of consciousness marketing band wagon to in order to not face the music or history of personal karma or of what is needed to be resolved in terms of personal ignorance within our institutions.  there are way to many people hallucinating with fear inside the mad dream of Adam.

Mysticism is a dialogue, not a one way sales pitch or lecture. A capital “D” dialogue. a cultivated and growing dialogue between the Self and self, a means by which the self-consciousness of a person recognizes that it is millions of miles away from the Sun in terms of today’s science.  Yet, that distance is also an Illusion. The Transcendental God is not a real estate agent or ‘Sales Spirit’ sending heavenly angels to pad the retirement of those seeking a golden parachute form their evil, selfish behavior toward humanity.

So, This website is not intended for all people nor will it appeal to all. Limited commentaries will be allowed; that being stated, there are plenty of websites one can go to in the digital pond to present your reality or imaginary based opinion, or create a shrine of selfies designed to uphold your hallucination within the sensory organism called your personality.  Many so called Christians are being deceived by the Satanic father of lies, misunderstood because it is part of the fabric from which humans fail to see within themselves.  The Great Rabbi (Jesus, Yeheshua) was a JEW not a white Christian.

But, we always wish you and those important to you: health, understanding, and the alchemy of ascension/transcendence to awake from the self-centered nightmare prayed upon by some of the religiosity who seek earthly power.

Peace in this dimension is hard work and it doesn’t give you a paycheck.

~ Rev. David Strickler

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler

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Welcome to David Strickler’s Mystic’s Digital Commentaries

Welcome to David Strickler’s Digital Mystic Commentaries by Rev. David Strickler
(updated July 6, 2015)

Greetings and Welcome to my personal blog. The purpose of this Mystic’s Digital Journal is to first, give my neurological system something intricate to process in its brain where my physical body sustained damage due to stroke. Sometimes struggle is part of the inevitable process of incorporating new discoveries producing wisdom and understanding about the mundane habituation that ALL of us must take part in, whether we like it or not doesn’t factor in, it just IS.

Second, to perhaps, and I say perhaps, lend a sentence or phrase to those who are ripe; meaning that they find themselves uncomfortable with the continuous thought/speech stream emerging from the uterus of their personal imaginations (most people) onto the screen of their brain and having the audacity to call it thought or just using said stream as a means of insulating ‘their self’ from the external cacophony produced by separateness.
If any of what I put online or give in talks helps point a finger at the pond of awareness and awakens you to a moment of awe and shame in the realization that you are looking at the reflection of the moon in the pond instead of the moon ‘up there’ in the sky, then you will have gained the first step in understanding that, yes, the entire universe is an illusion. Perhaps then, if someone has Satori1 then maybe I will have lived up to part of an oath: “and I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me”. Here again, whether we like it or not, ‘we will all have to learn to love one another'2

Third, to assist in the head-banging step appearing to be more difficult than the liberation from falsehood, because many then move the realization of the important question, “Then, where does Reality reside?” Reality resides, in all we experience, yet, the way in which we experience is the Illusion since our senses only extract a portion of the Real. This, when realized, will provide a genuine foundation for understanding how we (and our organism we view through) misinterpret whatever given Reality is present at hand even if armed with the limitation of facts that may, or may not, represent the genuine limitation of our ability in awareness.

Fourth, if my talks and writings do provide some water to those who thirst outside of organized religious institutions, I might then see the universal flow of right action, from any grace given to me along my course of life when the offer of water was graciously offered by an awakened human being.

Life is Mystical, and is only seen in its hind parts as we stand looking into West, or as we look into the East to see a living symbol of consciousness that even regulates the neural circuitry in the animal flesh that we temporarily use during the course of our lives, the brightest Shadow in the sky and doorway of our ‘soul’ into this initially flawed, but redeemed dimension.

Fifth (vau ו ), We may never come to understand or know the reasons ‘why’ Life exists, outside the metaphors we use to help the feeble flesh we manifest within this constantly evolving robe of Adonai, but there is existing a triumphant-eternal intelligence assisting us if we only ask. Please note that Flesh/Earth includes the billions of stars and planets out there. Earth doesn’t just mean the planet earth.

So, whatever station in Life you are moving in and through, we need to come to grips with what is meant by the phrase ‘the material universe is an illusion’. Only then will we find the resources, that we already have latent within ourselves, to dissolve the dissociative behavior of being hypnotized by it and the fear of uncertainty generated by the illusion. Humanity will be able to then extract Reality being rendered by our physical senses and See/Hear whatever non-dual awareness and vision of form and emptiness; the finger pointing at the moon disappears. Life Power touches us to apprehend, we are being pointed in directions to see, touch taste smell and hear, this magick of Light called human consciousness. ~ Rev. David Strickler

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler


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