of Perpetuity


of Perpetuity

(rough draft: revised and updated: July 7, 2015)

The past week I noticed intermittent commercials for a new Drama television program by Kyra Sedgwick on TNT called ‘PROOF‘.  Finally, I thought, could it be?  Judging from the preview commercials of ‘PROOF’, maybe a television program tuned to a different theme other than the usual hullabaloo hordes of blood sucking ‘Political/Wallstreet/Banker/ISIL-ZOMBIES’ walking around feasting on dead or alive flesh when there wasn’t a pension fund or public monies to loot and suck-dry-meme!

Life after Death…the problem lies with the logical invalidity of the statement ‘after death’; it is irrational even though subconsciousness will effortlessly work to infuse individual internal construct-perception of Life after Death, as it will with any erroneous premise through its almost infallible use of deductive logic.

So, with the proposition not framed correctly in English along with our conception of Death, a conflict will will emerge in the apprehension of what occurs ‘after death’, because the logical conclusion is nothing, so subconsciousness lives up to this soap opera by creating uncertainty and a temporary inability to ‘see, comprehend’ anything after death, presenting itself as a wall of separation blocking further awareness in the level of self-consciousness.  Life after Death doesn’t exist insofar as is presented in the statement ‘Life after Death’:  Life begets Life and this is the starting point and what remains is only to understand what ‘Death’ actually is instead of is not.

The television show ‘PROOF’ will be challenged by the subconsciousness presentation of this wall of separation as is remembered in various levels of the milieu’s mind that recalling its considerations of the meme the label ‘Life after Death’.

So, Yes, thus far, the ‘PROOF’ is a welcomed relief as stated above, for viewers as myself who are interested in how they frame this challenging narrative especially since the dialogue of Perpetuity (Life goes on after the physical body is discarded), has taken on better linguistic and ease of semantic description within the first decade of this new century.  Hats off to the producer and talented actors for tackling a difficult Ontology1 of perpetuity.

However, mystics also rely on measurements to substantiate and/or indicate different levels of consciousness.  Here again, the challenge of how measurements can provide Proof about the Perpetuity of Consciousness, of the perpetual(ש) principle actually existing and emanating from within consciousness? Perpetuity and/or the perpetual(ש) nature of consciousness can be confounding to a self consciousness bound by a non-sacred language of English inherently beset by limitations of time and space, let alone prove perpetuity by some form of measurement.  Especially since surface appearance of organisms and events seems to portray evidence to the contrary?  All is not what it seems and all you see isn’t all there is to know-as referenced by the Hebrew letter ע Ayin, the path of the Renewing Intelligence.

Practically inside the same few weeks, trying to test my brain’s to filter-out extraneous background noise (having the TV on) while performing a task, I was struck by a sentence, pronounced by Prof. Brian Cox on a science series that I enjoy on the Science channel; I may not be quoting him exactly but he said something to the effect that the ‘universe became conscious 4 billion years ago’.  My initial reaction was, “What did you just say?  How insane!”  My compassionate response was, “Well, science is still in process of chasing shadows in the rolling wakes of epiphenomenon generated by the response to Soul’s noumenal experience, within the Soul’s chemical clothes which render appearances.”  At the very least, maybe science has begun to pick up and grow despite being mesmerized; tormented by any remains of its own rigid, consensual Ego.

Alongside these ponderings, I was attending to mending the many digital fiascoes that, in all likelihood, I had unintentionally set into motion.  This required of me a few weeks to resolve which brought a bevy of neurological pressure inevitably shoving me into the ‘my brain hurts’ experience known well by those of us with physical bodies marred by stroke or brain injury2.  No sarcasm here, I proceeded to take what amounted to 5 days of sleep and in bed to recover from the log jam I stomped into my nervous system to which some readers may relate.  This does beg a question in the digital world:  Is there any such thing as a straight line and hey science, how do you get rid of the mineral line that exists in toilets?

The statement of the “universe became conscious 4 billion years ago”, however, continued to sound like a cacophony of irritation. Sometimes what becomes a repeating, expanding gnosis within a mystic becomes a backdrop in the heart of a mystic, helping to provide contrast when listening to external commentaries coming from the vocal-wonderum in the mainstream disciplines.  In particular, it was an exasperating oddity hearing people espouse that the universe ‘became conscious 4 billion years ago.’

Didn’t they know?

Why don’t they know?

The Universe became conscious of what?

Perhaps they can’t read the Bible correctly 3 I was trained in how to read and compile the Bible in an ongoing understanding derived from its original languages which ensconce measurement (number) and noun with a letter that openly conveys a principle and vibration of consciousness, not limited by the dull wit of a synthetic English language.

Many handicaps exist within any manifestation, the font appearance ( ע Ayin) called this Universe.  Especially since its simple un-immaculate inception from an erroneous premise to a full blown construct of this dimension that we call the Universe, along with its type of gravity ingraining movement slow enough to test the skills of a Soul in avoiding an experience of collapse into either Despair 4 or loss of Dominion.  It is no wonder why the Great Rabbi, Jesus Christ, likely had a stock in aspirin.

In fairness though, I can understand the constricted biological perspective these scientists might be attempting to convey when stating “universe became conscious 4 billion years ago.”  Yet again this brings me back to ‘all that is seen is not all that there is to know’.  The powers nature has to mimic the source of its response to the seen or unseen, as can be witnessed first-hand within our personal organism, is at best its own shortcoming in its ability to conceal what is transpiring (natures reaction) in the wide open.  Are the powers of nature best at pointing a finger perhaps?

Does the statement that the “universe became conscious 4 billion years ago” carry with it the premise that matter created consciousness? If the hypothesis of ‘matter creating’ consciousness is being used in scientific assumptions along with other highly imaginatively derived theoretical thought, where imagination is used to render a starting picture (in other words, having to make crap up for a starting point) that points toward the discovery of facts, pointing to and resulting in “knowledge” almost anything can seem possible.

From the eroded scope of human history jigged within this peculiar frequency of light used to pursue our understanding of what is called ‘life’ (extending from whatever remains of Nicholas of Cusa’s seminal influences on scientific method in sciences 5), the active voices within the sciences are feeble in describing the non-physical Life principle that generates the cosmic fabric of nature which recycles its said fabric of said energies under the label of ‘Death’.

I could accept the view that the Big Bang Theory was resulting from a sleeping state of our Universe (more on this later) from knowledge and experiences of consciousness that is stored in the encrypted, cryptic containers of cultural mythologies and also in the symbolism of hermeticism.

Of course many times on this hospital ship called Earth, it can look like a tale told by damaged idiots; nature is far from perfect.  All one has to do is to look around at the current lot of sick souls sleep walking in the some of the scientific, political and spiritual organizations on the face of the earth where to be found are a number of ‘leaders’ to lead people away from working hard on the road to peaceful growth, abundance and coexistence. This is why I make the case for the study of Economics as a necessary prerequisite in learning how to measure. Economics is easier to absorb, explain and develop discernment to apprehend some of the simplicities, complexities in the nature of the founding principles of creation stored and vibrating (פ Peh’d) within consciousness.

So the short version is: NO! The Universe didn’t become ‘conscious’ 4 billion years or so ago. It was and is permeating in its container, Perpetuity of consciousness, since its beginning.  This perpetuity will continue on, long after the fabric and container of this universe disappears.  Taking into consideration the amount of true insights produced by the scientific community, Science still fails to understand that the blinding shadow of light is a covering of the Sentient Being  of our Sun which emanates perpetuity in our solar system. But I can see and understand how they could be confused by appearances.

With science still hypnotized by the illusion of time and space, it is a better rendering from the Perpetual aspects of consciousness, to state that it has taken 14 billion years for the mundane powers of nature in this Universe, a dimension created in error, to adequately evolve a physical vehicle, relative to the little knowledge science currently has of mankind’s history, enabling some limited expression to the ever living human consciousness which was, is and will continue existing, long before the initial sound that created the flash of how this Universe came in with a Bang.

Rev. David Strickler;  June 19, 2015

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler

  1. First off, due to our technical age, first draw a distinction with the general use of Ontology here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontology  and Computational Ontology as written by Tom Gruber in the Encyclopedia of Database Systems, Ling Liu and M. Tamer Özsu (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, 2009. http://tomgruber.org/writing/ontology-definition-2007.htm[]
  2. .  Aside, this brings me to give a deserving special public Thank You to Cristabelle Braden for producing videos to help those who do not understand invisible injuries and those who have difficulty understanding the type of injury affecting 1.75 million of us annually.  I share the videos from Hope After Head Injury found here: http://hopeafterheadinjury.com/[]
  3. Jewish Exegesis: Peshat (פְּשָׁט) – pronounced peh-shaht’ – meaning “simple” or the literal, fundamental meaning; Remez (רֶמֶז) – pronounced reh-mez’ – meaning “hint” or the deep (allegoric: hidden or symbolic) meaning beyond just the literal sense; Derash (דְּרַשׁ) – pronounced deh-rahsh’ also called “Midrash,” meaning “concept”, from Hebrew darash: “inquire” (“seek”) – the comparative (midrashic) meaning, as given through similar occurrences; Sod (סוֹד) – pronounced with a long O as in ‘sore’ – “secret” (“mystery”) or the esoteric/mystical meaning, as given through inspiration or revelation.[]
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Prayer is Not, Asking for Something.

(rough draft: come back to see revisions)

I was listening to a conversation, somewhere a week or so more back and two people were discussing prayer.  Their discussion centered around one or both stating that prayer was asking for something.  My reaction surprised me, although it was not out of place in a world  empty and devoid of genuine understanding in a world where, words are constructed and defined from the building blocks of  meaningless language as English.

Anyway, I was struck at the myopic understanding of the concept and how a truer meaning of the concept was being destroyed by the dance of  personality/egos attempting to communicate with each other on such a profound topic.

Prayer is not asking for something, far from it; although prayer can be used to ask for ‘something’.  If the standard definition of prayer is not ‘asking for something’ then what is prayer and more importantly, what is the meaning of prayer and/or what is prayer used towards?

A movie from 1971 almost portrays a resemblance of prayer: Fiddler on the Roof.  I am almost sure if you watch the movie, you will get an idea of what one side of prayer might look and sound like.

Prayer is a Dialogue, a dialogue that  if repeated, creates a flow like an opened window opens circulation to  move the stale air of confinement, allowing the Soul’s flesh vessel to ‘breathe’ uncontaminated air.  A dialogue between who to whom or what to what or all of the above?

I am not referring to what is sometimes mistakenly taken to mean a dialogue, like,  the thoughts created by a communication between different areas of your brain, you listening to various areas of your brain.  The awareness I am pointing toward  is more nuanced than the easily distinguished (for some) and recognized thought-banter spoken of above; its is a cultivation of a repeated and intentional (volitional act) dipping into a flow that already exists that requires use of neural pathways that may be unused and latent in the flesh.

You cannot digital-ize or text your way to this state of consciousness.  It can be developed, just as handwriting can assist in coming to realize a flow because of the fine motor control that is needed which establishes a form of concentration. It can be developed, just as working with a sacred language whose letter you are inscribing has a noun and number entwined to reflect a characteristic  of consciousness and cosmic energy and means so much more than just a meaningless vowel or consonant sound attached to a letter sterile of anything.

This is the most important Dialogue that you can establish in this lifetime other than learning how to listen to ‘other’.

This Dialogue can be visualized as a conversation between you and ‘God’, but is more likely to establish a dialogue between your erroneous material construct and your Soul.  This Dialogue can begin equilibrating the flow of your consciousness between you as Soul and your incarnate illusion/ego of a separate self. The small self is differentiated, only appearing to itself to be separate.

Rev. David Strickler

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler

Who the Hell put Teflon on Time? by Rev. David Strickler (part 1 of 2)

2015 Lake Erie Winter - Belwo Zero, by Gregory Dyczkowski
2015 Lake Erie Winter – Below Zero

Greetings and welcome to Digital Mystic,

An almost mirror of this article I have written is also published in SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER 2015 March Edition1

Bear in mind, I am not a Journalist, nor economist, nor blogger per se.  I am a Mystics choosing to share some of my observations of human beings (including myself) along with some of my personal experiences of those said observations. As usual with me, I also feel obliged to truthfulness, due to my choice to maintain some of my Roman Catholic upbringing (with adjustments of course), nor do I have a high paying contract salary which preventing me from discussing untruncated facts leading to truths that seem to interfere with some persons organization product or commercial agenda, as does happen here in a profit-censored America. Since I am using the word “Mystic,” you can be sure I have no commercial marketing program of illumination or liberation for you to purchase; otherwise, I wouldn’t use the well- abused, misunderstood and scapegoated word – Mystic. Some have an obtuse, fearful response from their own wrapped-too-tight personality to the word Mystic, mistakenly thinking Mystics live off the fruit produced by the uterus of humanity’s imagination. Nothing could be further from the Truth.

In some ways, it has been a long hiatus with many new experiences through my organism’s survival of a stroke and the various coping strategies that I use in dealing with the resulting effects of brain injury. Sometimes, dealing with the ongoing brain injury involved is as if I am living in the end of the story “2001: A Space Odyssey”; various stages of looking back and seeing oneself as one was, although in my version I also include the now and the future being generated out of the event horizon of this now.

Herein this article is my first written commentary in seven years, with the new publication of Spiritual Climate Newsletter in 2015, I am attempting to cover a few topics and weave them together. My hope is, that by interweaving the components of this article (e.g., time/politics, time/relationships, time/money, time/world, time/humanity), that somewhere nearing the end of this article in Part 2, it will be a satisfying reader’s experience of understanding where these topics are going. This Part 1 article will either be dashingly successful on one side of the scale OR smashingly missing the mark (failure) or somewhere in between, initiating this window view I am pointing toward.

This being said, and taking into consideration some of the neural/cognitive train wreck I still experience, which, on a practical level is probably a kindred experience encountered by most if not all who are aware they have had a stroke, whose life is sometimes experienced as a state of non-stick Teflon of not being able to grasp things from point A to point B, let alone remember what I ate for breakfast or lunch up to forgetting whatever reason why I am dealing with conditions at hand. Of late, I would swear that humanity’s behavior resembles a stroke after going around galactic center (Sagittarius A*: pronounced “Sagittarius A-star”, standard abbreviation Sgr A*), somewhat of a bending, compression, slippage, decompression of time in our experience: nothing sticks to it and everything keeps sliding faster and faster – watch out for that black hole!

It begs a question, and this has nothing to do with a bear or rabbit: are you aware of what does and doesn’t stick to you?

Is it possible that clever human forces have put Teflon on internal parts you formerly used to protect yourself from ‘forces’ seeking access to your desires, while disarming your rejection defenses which protect you from being ‘used?’ Is it also possible for these clever human forces to reach out with their tentacles and get their narrative to stick to you, in order to draw your attention away, to veil, parts of a larger set of facts that they benefit from you not hearing or seeing, perhaps to gain some form of policy, rule or law written to legally extort, extract and profit from you? Could these clever human forces be preventing your recognition of their attempt at gerrymandered, emotional-persuasion to control what they want to stick to you, so you rally in support of an artificially designed consensus of giving away your earned benefits, your property, your freedom and even more of your time?

Do you have the awareness that some of the source for your agitation, anger, and frustration could be a result the wearing down of the personal Teflon formerly used by you to protect the sensitivity of your awareness that either smells the bull-crap or sees/hears that something is intentionally being left out, so that you intentionally/unintentionally give up monitoring your usual range of discernment (bait n switch)? If so, are you then to be held responsible for the consequences of getting stuck on narratives that exploit your inability to change circumstances, by allowing those who have written the narrative, whether they be ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), your Boss, the Corporation you are employed by, to exploit your sense of normalcy and balance, while inhibiting your ability to seek higher expectations and better outcomes?

Stick around! There are two parts to this commentary exploring a bit of this and more, with this first part being published in this first 2015 opening edition of SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER, Winter/Spring Edition, and then Part 2 of this commentary being published in the next edition.

Seven years ago in December 2014, some difficult decisions had to be made and the publication of SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER was temporarily paused. Many simple and complex issues involving the authors and contributors of this newsletter in their professional and personal lives came to the forefront. Contributing to this were health issues, family issues, moving issues, but most specifically, the unseen ratcheting up of productivity requirements of those of us contributing authors of this newsletter in their employment, both before and after the wondrous financial crisis brought about by unchecked white-collar incentivized fraud happening (and still is) in the investment banking system of Wall Street. So, what appeared and felt to be genuine limitations of time, we had a ‘hard time’ sticking to any form of publishing schedule of SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER.

Certainly, many readers can relate to the squeezing demands being imposed upon time happening away from work, if any time can be found at all. Increasing demands of further output in the workplace contribute to restricting time spent with family, children and relationships, all without any healthy recourse. It appears to be a common malady that middle class Americans are being squeezed into changes that they didn’t VOTE for (bait-n-switch arguments from the  Science of the Economic Stupid used by i.e., Gov. Scott Walker and Gov. Chris Christie), or insane rulings such as money-equals-speech, the censoring of unions and the ‘middle class’ being forced to give up more time, more money, more of limited resources and earnings at the behest of the Rentier Millionaire/Billionaire Boys Club, using their weaves to demand that we Submit to their dictates to control our time through demanding ever increasing profits under the dogma of shareholder value and innovation. Even the time for Labor-Unions has been censored as Labor is denied a voice in this Nation as compared to allowing the voice of Corporatism sounded through its arrogant child named – CONGRESS, Inc. and proudly held up by those in the SCOTUS Majority decision called Citizens United, both of whom suck on the Financial Sector.


As if we came into this life to do business; business is not Metaphysics. It is my opinion that those in the SCOTUS Majority decision who decided to ass-kiss Citizens United, and support the purely obtuse, foul-smelling, objectionable bull-crap named “money-equals-speech” psychosis are deeply disturbed individuals who should seriously undergo neuropsychiatric evaluation. If they won’t resign their bench in quiet, they should be impeached as quickly as possible. I would even let them have their retirement, provided proof of they are not financially ‘kept’, as in an old cliché ‘a kept woman.’

America has become a highly profitable, unethical cottage industry for CEO’s and Corporations, leveraging the insanity of an extreme version of the Protestant work ethic that American’s have been brainwashed by and supplanting it with a usurped version of ‘American Exceptionalism’ (i.e., “live to work” instead of “work to live”) without questioning its dubious parentage. This ploy is destroying the fabric of genuine dialogue, while stressing the normal working families, whether couples, singles, or families with one or both parents working to maintain a roof over the heads of their children, food to eat, and money for privatized utilities. What happens if your child gets sick? Do you get fired, demoted or given a hard time? The strain on personal precious resources of time and space, with increasing demands of a 14+ hour work day are intentionally imposed to keep adults suggestible (through lack of sleep) to a pseudo-authority transplanted from mom and dad into a ‘Corporate mommy and daddy-hood’ enunciation of austerity.

Before going further, I feel I must make an important point! If you think I have anything against work or creating widgets, you will likely need to consider ~snorting copious amounts of Exlax~; you are completely incorrect in your interpretation of that which I have thus far presented and could be lacking in a fuller comprehension of American economic history, or perhaps you are living under some disingenuous rock of reason in your imagination. Why is this an important point to draw attention to this at this juncture? If, in the personal one- room movie theater of your mind you are arguing a view that stealing time from overworked adults is healthy for a Nation and its people, then your personal delusions, be they generated by emotional, money or a variety of belief systems will prevent you from hearing some of the following topics and facts this commentary is going to present. The likelihood though, is that you do relate to some aspect of that which I have cited thus far, so it is not your contrived perception or workability of available time, it is instead likely, a derived Reality that many are experiencing to some degree or another and God has nothing to do with it.

In many families there are two working adults, each averaging a 68-hour work week per working adult to earn a living wage 2. Are we then to expect these adults have adequate time for responsibilities and time to understand political positions, insurance in any shape of its forms, the endless retirement explanations, taxes, the damn remote or accompanying electronic devices, Oh! and their city is being bankrupted and their earned pensions are in process of disappearing due to malicious, ignorant thievery of people like Gov. Chris Christie or Gov. Rick Snyder, argh! How do you make this damn Android phone work and the now-classic ‘what the hell is wrong with my computer’? Well, (smiling) I said only naming a few common daily occurrences. Oh wait! I almost forgot (I do not have children), having a relationship with their children and understanding why their children’s education consists of only test taking and participating in their children’s school activities? What if your child is sick, or developmentally impaired? What if YOU are ill from the flu? Just reflect for a moment…When was the last time you had a full weekend off or were able to celebrate Christmas or some other holiday without having some aspect of work demanding your attention or time, due to a turn-around shift?

With this intended confusion invading our space, not to mention the plethora of microwave broadcasting through the air and radio waves along with any and all electronic transmission communication signals bombarding our nervous systems and brains, that if we could actually experience visually, we wouldn’t be able to see beyond two feet in front of our faces due to exhaustion. What I am hearing more frequently from people in various sectors I am in communication with, is: 1) “I have no time,” along with 2) “Is someone/something out of their cotton picking minds?” and 3) see number 1. My answer is “Hell yes, and this is what happens when the beasts in the financial sector, seeking to extract profit from the public and private sectors, set the rules for an economy AND their bought politicians who are making policy in the aforesaid sector’s name and bottom line.” It is all engineered! But we don’t have the time and/or make the time to even give it some checkpoint questions in our awareness.

I would argue that this is what happens when financial institutions are given a regulatory oversight into a Nation-State through capitalists turned into oligarchic plutocrats who buy and promote political office holders who are lacking knowledge of economic history replaced by the surfeit of the Black-Scholes gaming theory and then place them within said institutions. This promotes a Confederate (States’ Rights) psychopathy to undermine growth of this Nation, our families within this Nation and our resources in the Nation by re-creating the infamous ‘plantation effect’ in which employers claim their worker’s time as their own property under the guise of global competition, while convincing gullible and/or fragile Americans that they must compete (Trans Pacific Partnership, NAFTA, et al) with workers in China or wherever else in the world – say WTF? The only problem with our institutions are the people running of those institution and selling access to power and selling the power itself because of paid for behavior determined by corporate owned LOBBYISTS.

This is a plausible social engineering feat, even one that a dinosaur of a computer code writer like me would have had the ability to set up a flow chart at age 16. Aspects of this plausibility have been constructed by the forces of greed since that period of my age, to influence the majority of citizens who both do and do not vote. This ongoing engineering is enforced by a sublimation process exerted by the ceaseless hypnotic drumming of 24/7 info-entertainment news paradigm. The mainstream (beltway) media, such as FOX Entertainment-News (we have the best ratings, never mind our intentional lies), providing short-hand version of condensed mental constructs of perceptions that are intentionally to be taken as a perception of reality, which seems real enough to agree with, thereby capitalizing on producing a predictable range of responses to dwindling, limited resources of attention and time the a struggling middle class has available, whereby to exploit those responses and their trust.

Just add digital coax connection so the rinse-and-repeat action of the description above fosters an implied agreement of consensus that the Beast operatives in the financial and political Corporation-State want as a likely response and outcome to further increase additional burdens to be carried by the Middle Class. Next move is to insure a broad range of reduction in facts of what is truly going on. Then, include further editing of any information resembling truthful information necessary in order to prevent making informed decisions on anything pertinent affecting individual lives up to and including Voting. This is the neutering of good public policy and the election of office holders who would ordinarily construct healthy public policy in the monetary and fiscal areas to benefit ALL citizens, not just the single sided balance sheet mantras that has quadrupled the myopic .01 percent’s share of the country’s wealth in half a century.

But, the biggest gain of all not being spoken of, if anywhere, to my current awareness, is that the Beastly Wall Street Investment Bankers are seeking to intentionally usurp control of the Monetary System, through the purchase of politicians to barker for the required changes to governmental policies, in order to gradually hand over the power of the government and the all too often misunderstood Federal Reserve by completely privatizing it away from all public control or regulation. Next would be to redirect said Monetarily Sovereign government’s exclusive unlimited power to create its sovereign currency and allow the Beasts of Wall Street Banks to take over that function. Wait till you see that form of austerity that Rep. Paul Ryan, in his learned economic ignorance, can’t even image with his anti-American System of Economic philosophy: a shiny new form of modern slavery that the makes the Money Handlers drool for and have sought the power to have, dating back (in recent history) to the murder of Abraham Lincoln, all because of the Greenback and debt free money the Greenback represents, for which, if fully implemented (Lincoln’s Greenback) would have put the bankers in their proper place, just like ICELAND recently had the balls to do; bankers become servants to government and its citizens instead of managing or taking over such as like the happenings here in the U.S.A and preventing a bankers view of world dominance. This Confederate-Constitution Viagra, is likely permeating, at least in my opinion, the nocturnal wet confederate dreams likely occurring in the legal minds of Justice Alito, Justice Scalia and Justice Roberts.

The Middle Class job makers (rich people do not create jobs, they only create capital gains) should have dominant consideration and control in this Nation due to the fact that consumer spending creates income, income creates sales and sales create jobs. Instead, workers experience ratcheting of pay downward or the intentional keeping wages stagnant for over thirty years, while hearing the Wall Street generated explanation stating the blame for said stagnant wages is because middle class adults are suffering from being ‘lazy’, that productivity needs to be increased, or that the middle class is too dependent on government assistance: pick-your-style-of-propaganda narrative. I’d rather be dependent on the power of government; otherwise I would be under the thumb of some type of power wielding an opening of an epigenetic form of Corporate Fascism which redirects attention away from their hypocrisy of Corporate America begging for Government handouts. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, as in the Wizard of Oz!

So the natural focus of the middle class narrows due to pressure in providing basic necessities for themselves and their children, while the ever-increasing demands of time being placed upon them, little time is left for taking into account of any details of they are actually trying to negotiate through or figure out, whether it be how to pay the bills or how to vote in an upcoming election. They’d have to be a Svengali to realize how much they are being screwed by the Rentier Neoliberal economics that the Hobbesian Bestiality of the Republicans (mostly, i.e., Sen. Rand Paul, Sen Ted Cruz, Sen. Tom Cotton et al) and some stupid Democrats (fewer) are force feeding the middle class.

What little news manufactured through sleight of hand editing to supposedly assist the “99%” is experienced as a constant pounding into their heads via mainstream media that the Federal Government is Evil and has been on an ongoing orgy of spending, which data shows to be patently false 3. The truth of the matter is that “No Government has wasted money on the scale that the Private Financial Sector has done, in this crisis and the consequences of the crisis.” 4

Yet, the question remains: evil compared to what? An unforgiving set of Wall Street Beast Bankers who want the concept of a debt jubilee erased from the history of the consciousness of citizens, so that it doesn’t matter what rational voice arises from the Public to shout out that mathematics shows debts can never be repaid; that the purveyors of the loans don’t want you to realize the grand pyramid scheme they have developed for the future incarceration of humanity? 5. With the propaganda that the Hobbesian Beasts are promoting from their refined Black Magic of Advertising to cover up their trail of corruption and legalized extortion of our citizens that privatization yields, coupled with the lethal effectiveness of blindsiding developed by our paid for saintly scientists in behavioral psychology. If for one moment you think Government is useless or evil, then the Beastly Bankers have succeeded in manipulating the fears and desires of your mind.

These Beastly Business Boys want you to Submit, be compliant and complacent, as they willfully infuse the demands of their greedy, cancerous, lust-after-money Souls whose pustulation infects and leeches off the majority of working class families or individuals. They not only want the U.S. Government to give them the power to regulate everyone, but also they themselves want to privatize the public holdings, public jobs, and anything workers have produced, including pension funds, while convincing you with a dance of semantic-prestidigitation to buy ‘the sizzle of their steak’ right there in your distracted, busy mind that is seeking relief, as they physically put a stake right through the heart of your freedom and then refuse, reject, and charge interest for your desires, growth, and liberation.

People need to get a proper grip, an accurate perspective through genuine sources that can demonstrate why what the Beastly Finance & Political Boys say is NOT SO in regards to the National Debt and Deficits; the actual U.S. Monetary system does NOT operate in the way it is mischaracterized and misrepresented by political and contract-paid-to-censor-talking-Barkers in corporate news profit centers such as CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC or NBC or CBS (FOX NEWS is not a News organization (IMO) so I will not use them as example). I will criticize CNBC, CNN and MSNBC, since I believe the latter two can be held to higher standards of news broadcast, while CNBC is owned chattel of the investment banks.

Never Mind the Lies, We have the Best Ratings
Never Mind the Lies, We have the Best Ratings

For example, there are people who are paid on contractual terms such as Chris Matthews (who has produced high quality of work in historical political writings-opines) or ‘I am a respectable Republican’ Joe Scarborough (who more often than not comes across as “I am god therefore do not even attempt to disagree with me”) of MSNBC, either of whom can be depended upon to constantly mischaracterize and misinform their public, on the nature of how Federal Debt and Deficits function, not unlike smart ass schoolboys who really don’t know what they are talking about NOR will their network, producers or sponsors correct them by providing a counterpoint to the Science of Stupid, Economic Nonsense (i.e., Federal Deficits, Balanced Budget & Federal Debt) they spew. This says what about their Producers (CNN, MSNBC, or NBC, et al) or so called news network agency and the agenda of all sponsors whom they Barker for?

Some lucid people can see through the chimera of their angered responses when guests attempt to talk outside or challenge their “paid for” boundary. Even though I respect Matthews’ political history, he becomes an Archie Bunker of the Science of Stupid, Economic Nonsense when it comes to ‘Federal Balanced Budget’/Debt and Deficits like a crackpot who is full of shit. This is then reinforced in the early morning hours with Joe Scarborough, who may be a decent human being and respectable Republican with some political opine, but he too, becomes a crackpot while narrating his producers’(?) NBCs’(?) Science of Stupid Economic Nonsense about how ‘Federal Balanced Budgets’ are needed and how money in the Federal Budget works with debts and deficits, which is entirely full of shit because it is pure falsehood. He gets paid to misrepresent/mischaracterize the actual functioning of US Monetary system and how our money actually works providing a one-sided balance sheet lingo serving the paymasters who employ him. The Moderators on CNN are hardly worth mentioning other than that they are just as bought and paid for to spew complete nonsense about how Federal Deficits & Federal Debt actually function and how ‘Federal Balanced Budgets’ are needed (NOT). Both (News) institutions use advertising payola as incentive for their talking-heads to promote think tanks supporting the censoring economic facts and processes that disagree with the larger corporate economic business agenda of undermining the Nation. And they penalized Brian Williams? What hypocrisy and a joke.

It must be nice to be paid to misinform people; Hell, I know, only the ratings matter. But hey, they are perfect examples of the big chief egos paid to beat on their chest by the Billionaire Peterson Foundation, Koch-brothers, et al. You can depend on the mainstream media to lock you out of what is truly going on, for example, like the advertising/monetizing campaign CNN hosted by giving ISIS way too much time, visibility, and profiting from their audience’s fear.

Genuine answers of how Money actually works coming from rational Economists whom actually advise the Federal Reserve Board (e.g., Dr. Stephanie Kelton 6 ) are intentionally censored out of mainstream media discussions. You wouldn’t even know there are those who can easily and effectively debunk the mainstream economic sales pitch of said news organizations who intentionally censor it from being heard on a regular basis. Here are a few of the economic rock stars from my book for you to explore: Professor Michael Hudson, Dr. William K. Black, and Professor Steve Keen. And here is one clear example for you, of an uncensored economist speaking to Senators for a few short minutes. You tell me if Professor Mark Blyth’s explanation here (video) sounds close or resembles what you hear coming from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews or Joe Scarborough, or any on the Wall Street-banker-owned CNBC or CNN news cited above.

Thank God for The Real News Network (TRNN) and to their contributors. Without TRNN there would be little if any video source for Americans to gain insight from salient (some cited above) economists and the lucid economists who present sensible, reasoned unedited thought content based on Reality for the American people while silently calling out the mainstream media obfuscation.

We here in the USA need to get a better grip on what is happening to our time and space, we need more time to understand who we are voting for and why. This could be easily accomplished with a National week-long Voter’s Holiday, but instead we get the money-equals-speech psychosis from the Supreme Court of the United States. Teflon or not, time needs to be freed in order to expose the fallacies occurring in the workplace, business practices, and the incentivized fraud. Time needs to be freed in order for us to negotiate our way through this intentional mess. Once the findings are expanded into common awareness and then knowledge, we will be able to see some of the trimmed facts become untrimmed, and heal into further truths that are presently being cleverly excluded from the mainstream media outlets and all the aficionados being paid for by the Billionaire Boys Club, hopefully before the point of no return comes.

The Billionaires have harnessed the black-magic behavioral power of advertising in the 24/7 entertainment news sector to utilize the powerful techniques and advertising’s ability to brainwash and manipulate viewer’s time and space; harnessing any possibility of a viewer’s focus of attention/perception while purchasing a Nation, with the full unknowing compliance of a citizenry lacking insight into the facts and truths of the American System of Economics history, in order to realize why they are being forced to SUBMIT to the demands of the Business Beasts on Wall Street. This is one place where a voice for Labor is essential in equilibrating All constituents voices regarding healthy legislative process to assist a balanced ordering of legislative outcomes pertinent to all, not exclusively to the voice of Corporate Class.

Until then, watch out for the Teflon cleverly being manufactured to coat your time and space unnoticeably moving you to slip away from your families due to living to work. If we are unsuccessful in ‘Getting a grip’ on the demands of this modern life being imposed upon us through lack of awareness on our part, we stand the chance of losing access to the volitional consciousness that enables us to remove the Teflon on time and determine what we want, not what the Beasts want.

Stand up and pursue your life with liberation, freedom and happiness, but VOTE before you are silenced; before SCOTUS’s psychosis of money-equals-speech along with your right to Vote is erased from your use by Mutant Republicans who are promoting our Nation to slide into privatized Corporate oblivion. Remember what our Founders did: “Whole point of American Revolution was to overthrow the Corporate State the British had imposed. 7

Moneyed interests can buy almost any behavior they want in American workers to produce the results they seek whether the effects damage the future of those workers or to damage the Nation those workers are being protected by; Federal powers seek to protect its citizens from enemies both foreign and domestic. Unions are just one of many scapegoats used to redirect your emotional attention in order that imbalanced Corporatism can undermine your liberty. Essentially, we are angry because innately, unconsciously we know we are being bullshitted about how money is being mishandled and thus increasing the expansion of inequality whether it be income, political inclusion or resources. This is a war to rollback our Republic to a NeoFeudal-bank-rulership version of history: Slavery (see: Michael Hudson, The Insiders Economic Dictionary) and unless we take back control of our time, the problems of inequality are just a beginning.

Gain some understanding so maybe you can prevent your children from slipping on the well-placed Teflon into modern slavery. Remember, Life is Fair, but there are some people who seek to make it unfair for anyone around them.

In Part Two of this commentary we will uncover an even more unseen and unlikely source contributing heavily to the behavioral disturbances.

~ part 1 of 2, Finis

Copyright © 2015 by Rev. W. David Strickler

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Introduction to Mysticism

A little bit of this and that.

updated: 2016 Friday, December 2

Welcome to a brief explanation of mysticism and mystics.  While no record is complete with content capture the full range of experience that the gift of sentience provides, this will be a partial capture, exploration and musing of experiences interpreted through the living Personality given to me to regenerate, to learn with and through, to grow with and through, and help shape ‘myself’ and part of the world I live and move and experience part of being within cultivating the seamless robe of Adonai given for my use.

I am what would be considered in some religious hierarchies a Bishop who is a Mystic coming from within the Western Mystery Schools via being an ordained priest of the order I represent and ever student of Qabalah, along with ; one of many expressions of a physical Oral Tradition which initiated the path of education/discernment.  Of course, this background contributes heavily to the style in which I articulate and express through the fabric of Personality.

Part of Mysticism is a process of learning to interpret and learning to interpret is part of the daily learning in Life, like it or not. Whether or not one is a Mystic, a person does not learn how to interpret until one has the courage to do so. In the mainstream (exoteric) milieu, if uninformed, there is often a tendency to create imaginary and often fantasy filled definitions of mysticism which continues to occur;  this type of slander continues to exert significant mal-interpretation and misinterpretation of actual realities, facts that lead to truths, and the truths of consciousness that Mystics attempt to convey: we square off with ‘what is’ and are open to the mysteries yet to be understood within the physical and non-physical aspects of the Universe we see and not see, we hear and not hear, smell and not smell, taste and not taste, yet remaining in awareness of how Life and it’s gift ‘touches’ us.  Yet, our vocation is at times filled with the occasional zealot crackpot, just as any other vocation has to endure from occasional moments or repetition of vocal personality disorders since we live in a Nation that has little regard for mental health unless that person has money in order for his behavioral disorder to be acceptable.

Mystics also cultivate a lense which, for lack of better description, provides a means of unfoldment through enhanced perspective; the ability to weigh and measure accurately in the eye of self-consciousness. In order to develop perspective, we need to learn how to see reality, how not to look merely at surfaces.

Mystics deal with Facts and Paradoxes that lead Truths; not the hallucinations of imagination to live vicariously in their head, unchecked by the use of reason.  No are we slaves to 140 characters of hallucination designed to appease the gluttony of a human mind feeding on made up facts here again, unchecked by the use of reason.  Mystics measure, collect data and use our self-consciousness.  We operate in the physical laboratory called the human body, which is in itself a collective; a corporeal intelligence used to serve the incarnation of consciousness experiencing the Delusion of separateness.  We can measure the square footage required for tile need in a living room, we don’t guess or make up shit to convince someone of anything.  Sales people (billionaires) do that.

We also honor that which we do not see, accepting the initial limited range of lens that nature provides for the sojourn of a soul missioned by it’s Spirt.  We honor the interdependent connection all human beings share in substance and spirit that appears hidden to those suffering from the Delusion of separateness that casual glance or lack of soul maturity provides.  We honor the ongoing education of the Soul in its journey while fighting the black magic of mass hallucination engaged by those who seek power to control any one human being, or ‘race’ who lack developed discernment.  We are in recognition of the devolutionary arc that the current humanity displays through the disunity some member of humanity place on the greed of winning for the sake of hurting other souls and interfering in some Souls evolutionary process.

We choose Openess  instead of conscious sedation.  We choose individuality over the consensus of the herd or mob mind mislead by the greed, lust and avarice of leaders who are usually mentally damaged in body, mind, personality or soul.

Mysticism and Mystics also has its fair share of warped and unhealthy personalities as is such in any formal or informal institution/tradition. There are also other unregenerated personalities that ‘mystical consciousness’ has nudged in order to spark the evolution of yet unfinished person’s growth away the delusion of materialism.

We recognize that humanity is composed of people of various capacities of spiritual sickness or health.  We recognize the fear of those who lack the expansive versatility of being able to live amidst human beings of genetic differentiation of the archaic, old view of the ‘race mind’ that is currently groaning like an angry out of control human beast, lacking the mature developmental ability to stop the mesmerization unchecked inside themselves.

Mystics seek to adequately express, give measurement, seek depth and breadth of experiences to understand the illness in human mental condition so we may work and share alongside further developed mystics.  As always, within the exoteric massive hallucination there are personalities who appear to be unable to distinguish between imagination and reality, facts from truths.

Is mysticism or mystics relevant in this so called modern age?  Only in a society seeking to harness the possible evolutionary power inherent within the Nation-State where individuals seek to wake up from the hallucinatory sickness of ‘Hobbesian Bestiality’ and respect the potential that resides within the growth of the individual that should be fueled for the benefit of said individual and its contribution to the village that raised him or her.

We also counter the imbalance created by unregulated greed that seeks to freely monopolize against evolution by its use of slavery of in pursuit of money that resides inside the Collectivism known as companies, where all property belongs to a select few; where intellectual contribution goes unrecognized and is owned by the heads of the collective that sucks out the physical life-marrow out of the employees of such collectives in fear of its own survival.  True humanity sees human sees no losers or winners,  just various hallucinations in the sickness of winning and losing that promote fear and ignorance from exaggerated understanding of autonomy, which undermines true growth and prosperity

Mystics recognize an ongoing narcosis inside some individuals that produces a demand for behavior that is subservient and fearful of losing a paycheck to those who producers who are subservient to fear ands the false, synthetic golden calf they call a market a candy land to a mind enslaved by ownership of other human beings in the collectivism called a company.

Mystics are often the ones saying:

Stop. Don't. Come back.
Stop. Don’t. Come back.

For instance, mystics have been a voice of reason against the unrestrained use of the black magic of advertising (persuasion) that Barker’s use to fecundate the uterus of people’s imaginations.   A “paid for” behavior has been a continual means of control and harassing use of Power used in the Private Sector that has promoted and upheld the current 6,000 year devolutionary cycle humanity currently finds itself within,  in spite of the technological advances occurring alongside the discovery of knowledge (not information) realized in this century. The Money Brokers (Mis-Handlers) in the financial private sector, through redirection, patronization and chimera require Human Ego to bow to their pseudo-Authoritarian god-complex & deep fearfulness of uncertainty, in order to accomplish a degeneration into Neo-Feudalism.

Simply put:  Privatized economies are the creators of real economic contraction and this is the mouthpiece and Domionism of devolution.

Mystics have warned against collectivism called companies that seek the often  overly identified constraints of the Beastly Materialist Ego, whose tool of Financial Sector (modern Sadducees) and VAIN religiosity (who often become suckers of the Financial Sector) pounding on their high chairs like children with a bib on, or likened unto adolescents demanding Regulations to be not regulated (curfew); whilst buying the strings of Political Leaders who ignore the Prophets in History who warn of the resulting slavery that Money Handlers produce with the aid of their journalist-reporters-entertainment ‘talking media head outlets’ paid to promote a willful ignorance of the economics of true Human Spirit; a willful ignorance truncating a fuller, more complete picture of What IS.

Mystics have also warned that, “Source”, “All That Is”, “UnMoved Mover” “god”, “God”, who IS both mono and plural, is not a Jack-in-the-Box and neither is Jesus, contrary to the irrational twisted elegance of sophistry voiced by some religious-sect eschatologists (by whatever hallucination they induce within themselves as evangelicals, Baptists or whatever they devoutly mentally masturbate to or, e.g., kill you in the name of God) spreading the sickness of their mental seed engineered by men to force Jesus or God to ‘pop out’ and appear on earth when the conditions are rigged by people in humanity, as if their genitalized image of ‘god’ they worship


god they worship, the creator of the universe will appear as if it is groundhog.  How sick is that  { editors note: Really? Is that so? Did I miss something? Did you come up with that all by yourself in the one room movie theater of your mind? } Some will or will not Wake up on this hospital ship called earth – these types of damaged people are insane and will stand (as we all will) in Truth’s Libel and Slander suit.

So, the ‘ignorance is bliss’ that is seeking to stay in the comfort zone of internal darkness is not the answer, nor is a Plutocratic/Feudal society that attempts to cloak itself in that very same darkness to rule and control those who seek Light to disinfect themselves from its beastly chains of limited materialistic substance. Nor do mystics promote austerity; we point to the middle path, which is not instant gratification, but a balance that promotes the true freedom of developing human beings in the discovery of truths that benefit the welfare of all, not just themselves.

I may not understand forgiveness completely, but I do believe that How we treat anyone, along with what we do in this life contribute to how our Soul is weighed when we are released from the husk called the physical body. So it is way too early in this article to cover the sometimes anomalies of absolution or forgiveness.

In the meantime there are plenty of problems to solve without invoking or having any new age seven-fold 4th state of consciousness marketing band wagon to in order to not face the music or history of personal karma or of what is needed to be resolved in terms of personal ignorance within our institutions.  there are way to many people hallucinating with fear inside the mad dream of Adam.

Mysticism is a dialogue, not a one way sales pitch or lecture. A capital “D” dialogue. a cultivated and growing dialogue between the Self and self, a means by which the self-consciousness of a person recognizes that it is millions of miles away from the Sun in terms of today’s science.  Yet, that distance is also an Illusion. The Transcendental God is not a real estate agent or ‘Sales Spirit’ sending heavenly angels to pad the retirement of those seeking a golden parachute form their evil, selfish behavior toward humanity.

So, This website is not intended for all people nor will it appeal to all. Limited commentaries will be allowed; that being stated, there are plenty of websites one can go to in the digital pond to present your reality or imaginary based opinion, or create a shrine of selfies designed to uphold your hallucination within the sensory organism called your personality.  Many so called Christians are being deceived by the Satanic father of lies, misunderstood because it is part of the fabric from which humans fail to see within themselves.  The Great Rabbi (Jesus, Yeheshua) was a JEW not a white Christian.

But, we always wish you and those important to you: health, understanding, and the alchemy of ascension/transcendence to awake from the self-centered nightmare prayed upon by some of the religiosity who seek earthly power.

Peace in this dimension is hard work and it doesn’t give you a paycheck.

~ Rev. David Strickler

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler

Welcome to David Strickler’s Mystic’s Digital Commentaries

Welcome to David Strickler’s Digital Mystic Commentaries by Rev. David Strickler
(updated July 6, 2015)

Greetings and Welcome to my personal blog. The purpose of this Mystic’s Digital Journal is to first, give my neurological system something intricate to process in its brain where my physical body sustained damage due to stroke. Sometimes struggle is part of the inevitable process of incorporating new discoveries producing wisdom and understanding about the mundane habituation that ALL of us must take part in, whether we like it or not doesn’t factor in, it just IS.

Second, to perhaps, and I say perhaps, lend a sentence or phrase to those who are ripe; meaning that they find themselves uncomfortable with the continuous thought/speech stream emerging from the uterus of their personal imaginations (most people) onto the screen of their brain and having the audacity to call it thought or just using said stream as a means of insulating ‘their self’ from the external cacophony produced by separateness.
If any of what I put online or give in talks helps point a finger at the pond of awareness and awakens you to a moment of awe and shame in the realization that you are looking at the reflection of the moon in the pond instead of the moon ‘up there’ in the sky, then you will have gained the first step in understanding that, yes, the entire universe is an illusion. Perhaps then, if someone has Satori1 then maybe I will have lived up to part of an oath: “and I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me”. Here again, whether we like it or not, ‘we will all have to learn to love one another'2

Third, to assist in the head-banging step appearing to be more difficult than the liberation from falsehood, because many then move the realization of the important question, “Then, where does Reality reside?” Reality resides, in all we experience, yet, the way in which we experience is the Illusion since our senses only extract a portion of the Real. This, when realized, will provide a genuine foundation for understanding how we (and our organism we view through) misinterpret whatever given Reality is present at hand even if armed with the limitation of facts that may, or may not, represent the genuine limitation of our ability in awareness.

Fourth, if my talks and writings do provide some water to those who thirst outside of organized religious institutions, I might then see the universal flow of right action, from any grace given to me along my course of life when the offer of water was graciously offered by an awakened human being.

Life is Mystical, and is only seen in its hind parts as we stand looking into West, or as we look into the East to see a living symbol of consciousness that even regulates the neural circuitry in the animal flesh that we temporarily use during the course of our lives, the brightest Shadow in the sky and doorway of our ‘soul’ into this initially flawed, but redeemed dimension.

Fifth (vau ו ), We may never come to understand or know the reasons ‘why’ Life exists, outside the metaphors we use to help the feeble flesh we manifest within this constantly evolving robe of Adonai, but there is existing a triumphant-eternal intelligence assisting us if we only ask. Please note that Flesh/Earth includes the billions of stars and planets out there. Earth doesn’t just mean the planet earth.

So, whatever station in Life you are moving in and through, we need to come to grips with what is meant by the phrase ‘the material universe is an illusion’. Only then will we find the resources, that we already have latent within ourselves, to dissolve the dissociative behavior of being hypnotized by it and the fear of uncertainty generated by the illusion. Humanity will be able to then extract Reality being rendered by our physical senses and See/Hear whatever non-dual awareness and vision of form and emptiness; the finger pointing at the moon disappears. Life Power touches us to apprehend, we are being pointed in directions to see, touch taste smell and hear, this magick of Light called human consciousness. ~ Rev. David Strickler

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler


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