Economic Sadism à la Trump

David Strickler | Unfinished Draft: Last Update: 2019-01-12

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here.  Sadism is on the rise.  Many new events constructed by President Trump seem to be nothing out of the ordinary except to the press and his gullible base.  More sadism, political sadism, psychological sadism, physical sadism.  Trumpian increase of sadism. Hell, Trump doesn’t even understand the scope of Government. 

Trump does understand interference and how to inflict pain.  Interference is a means by which the ‘narcissist in chief’ holds a form of reigns to control those around him through any form of painful sadism to satisfy his instinctual cravings for dictatorship, supreme power over people, and his warped need for people to submit, bow down and kneel to his sickness.

To digress for moment though, why is this happening in the USA?  The drive toward authoritarianism is now a predictable outcome from the high priests conducting a seance inside the halls fo the economic orthodoxy (e.g., Chicago School) who work with a priori models to create disturbing outcomes or to put handpicked systems of economics on steroid.  Why? People succumb to models without regard to empirical evidence because the model can be ‘seen’ in the visual and imaginative centers.  Models are used and ratcheted up through a period of time as a weapons of usurpation.  The most notable model in this category is the parasitic, destructive and infecting power of Neoliberalism, modernized into function by Margaret Thatcher.

The priest of orthodoxy use seance economics to necromance the rotting carcass of imported (here in the USA) British grade a, Margaret Thatcher Neoliberalism.  add many dashes neoclassical spices of unfounded and unrealistic assumptions to cover up the real foul odor of realities represented in fertile minds of imagination, unchecked by use of reason.  Look no further than to the ‘Trump loves me, Trump loves me not’ personalities of Rep. Mo Brooks (@RepMoBrooks), Sen. Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC), Sen. Mitch McConnell (@SenateMajLdr) or pseudo economist rantings of Stephen Moore and Larry Kudlow. The next step is to profligate the models into the mainstream carnival of political media. 

No Original Herbs or Spices, Just Straight Up Chicken Shit

The rotting flesh of neoliberalism is then distributed through various channels of distribution and defended as the mysterious unnamed ideological source that politicians rely on to create policy for public consumption.  And it works!  How well does it work? It works as well as few know why things are so bad as bad as those who think Social Security and/or medicare is not a government program!

Neoliberalism is designed to liberate the markets (free liberal markets) from, any need of regulation or oversight. It is also designed to gradually consume the resource of time and money from those not born into the upper 1%, it strips assets and resources out of a country and deprives student in grade school a better foundation of equality to develop young critical thinking minds onto a steady ground of growth to contribute to themselves and a the general welfare of a Nation at large.  This beats the asset and resource stripping from the powers of labor to increase the servitude of the many.

This rotting carcass of Neoliberalism can be detected at the root of authoritarian seeking/leaning masses of the public who come to realize they are being sheared.  Neoliberalism is the unspoken common value that isn’t taken up for talk in the political mainstream media due to a likely ‘it’s to hard for them to comprehend and confusing’ so why bother anyone with it discussion to help them resolve the source irritation of the mental rot spreading like a cancer through all financial systems, because it is the ultimate weapon capable of creating subservience and manipulation of most if not all possibilities of democrat and republican like parties producing infrastructure in needed states of repair from decades of use and decay.  Neoliberalism funnels the money upwards, even deficit spending.

The exception is within the republican party.  The republican party collective psyche is rather plantation servitude oriented, thus putting asset growth and cash flow into the hand of whited anglo-saxon sepulchres and puts confederate political system on a road of usurpation success to the point where it appears to be resurrecting around the world into the hands of dictatorial people all being influenced by the vapid structure of stealing wealth and political usurpation known as the Soviet Putin Affect with his band of merry Oligarchs.

To come back to our initial thought, Trump imposes economic sadism (No Pay for hours worked, a capitalists favorite!), he imposes hurt and wrongful circumstances (can’t pay the rent, mortgage) upon workers until he gets what he wants.  If it were only an adult boy holding his breath until he gets what he wants, I’d say suffocate you bastard.  But there are millions of people being put into hard conditions since they are only paycheck to paycheck, if that, from being out in the streets.  Thank again the orthodoxy seance economists necromancing the imported british economics of the rotted corpse of Margaret Thatcher Neoliberalism, improved upon by the Chicago boys in its now steroid form which has been reducing growth of wages in favor of growing the wealthy billionaire fungus currently strutting around in suits thinking it is all their money like the Communist Koch Brothers.

This first thing to do is to start questioning the source of politicians so called facts.  Where were these facts shaped? By Whom(s)? What is the goal of the institution propagated the minds of either democratic or republican politicians?  What do they want?  Why do they want you to believe the government is running out of money for instance (its not but it helps them for you to believe in that silly nonsensical LIE) Or that taxes fund programs?  Ask them how the military keeps funded at around 1 trillion dollars a year.  Answer: Congress spend (creates actual money) Then what are taxes for?  Did you know Taxes destroy dollars. (That should answer why programs need to be funded through repeated congressional spending.) It is also a means to keep the greedy in check with higher taxes. Last question, who is kissing whose Ass, if applicable?

Then what is PAYGO? PAYGO is a form of a fairy tale used to keep the unwealthy in line so they can’t grow beyond their means.  PAYGO is a tool used by the wealthy to keep the majority of people in near squalor conditions. Heaven forbid you realize that the government can afford more than what is letting on—it doesn’t mean that government can spend like drunken sailors giving the rich 1 trillion in a bonus.  It does mean we can fund many necessary programs and finally get out of the stupor of the gold standard and wake up to strengthening our Nation through education and reducing the amount of capitalist and communist pigs there are bullying their way around the political economy of the USA, shoving the rotting carcass of neoliberalism into the mouths of citizens and staving off the intentionally implemented economic genocide generated by the filthy infection known as neoliberalism.

And yes, a mystic has the ability to see this, just as it looked probable that President Trump is a Russian agent sent in to decimate the USA for militaristic psy-ops takeover after it drops its shields along with Trump’s merry band of capitalist liberal market and communist rulership grifter pigs extending from the interior stench and rotting entropy of PUTIN’S SOUL.

© 2019 by Rev. Dr. David Strickler, All Rights Reserved

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