‘Tis the Season Christmas 2020—New Years 2021

‘TIS THE SEASON Christmas 2020—New Years 2021


Yes, it seems so. ‘Tis the Season—The Season of what?1  Those of us at the Spiritual Climate Newsletter have been pondering numerous facets of this question since long before the annual “festivities” began at Thanksgiving.  The Spiritual Climate, or more specifically, the Political Climate, has made this the most surreal, non-holiday season known to those of us blessed to be currently living on the surface of this bright blue marble we call planet Earth. Trying to muster up the joy and goodwill that traditionally flows with ease for the most Grinch-like beings at this time of year has been a near impossibility for even the most buoyant of people.  As unprecedented hunger, pandemic disease, distrust of fellow man and unthinkable acts, or non-acts, by Donald Trump, and his ass-kissing clown show of worshipping cads in a cadre of personal assistants: the Senile Moscow–Mitch with his merry band of fellow yellow-belly, Thieving, “Neoliberal Republicans” supporting cascading, amoral avalanches highlighting Genocide, Economic Sadism, Physical Sadism, Extortion, Confusion and harm, the citizens of the unique experiment of the United States of America find themselves forced to choose sides and lining up behind Light or Darkness, Truth or Fiction, Right or Wrong–indeed, Life or Death.

‘Tis the Season, but the season of what? It is a season that reincarnates divisiveness, delusion, and separation. What is its origination?  From the Civil War.  The Civil War never died or went to sleep.  It never was finished; it slumbered in its vengeance. A Civil War reawakened in people mesmerized by cult practices, words, and comfort from Donald Trump. Why? He seeks to become their leader and a dictator to the remaining citizens.

There is citizenry orphaned by the Republican and Democrat parties.  Lo and behold, you ignorant Republican and Democrat parties!  Donald Trump attracted the citizens left behind who felt unloved, unheard, and forgotten. Like the most unloved and unheard of all, Donald Trump took up the torch to become their standard-bearer. He intended to demolish truth, justice, and the American way.

We, the citizens of the United States, are at war within our Nation: citizen against citizen, mask wearers vs. non-mask wearers, race bigoted, misogynist ‘Christians’ vs. the in-hiding-‘truer Christians,’ creating a chasm with wounds so deep and fractured that reconciliation of the polarization of thought and action, word and deed, growing further apart with alarming speed.  The sad truth is, “ ‘Tis the season of a reemergent Civil War” borne from the generation of adherents sucking off the teat of an unhealed American psyche.

It is not surprising to me to look back on notes from the 1990s in classes taught in Naples, Florida by Rev. Strickler, that he made predictions of exactly this probability occurring. He spoke of a dictatorship borne out of spiritual indifference toward the working class, in favor of a person having no respect for “tradition” who would instead destroy institutional norms and attempt a coup d’état to hijack the power of the United States of America in the coming years.  David said this person would prey on the feelings of helplessness and lack of power felt by the common man chained by post-traumatic stress syndrome from being forgotten.  He would engage these forgotten people with reckless disregard of traditional considerations. This dictator is a psychologically damaged rebel enticing the forgotten people with false promises. He would display a charismatic personality, engaging those seeking a ‘never mind the consequences’ change from the status quo, appealing to those who, indeed, no longer believed America is the country it was created to be.  Through lies, deceit, empty promises, and untruthful words, he would make a mindless, zombie-like following the likes of which the United States had never experienced.

According to Rev. Strickler, followers of this man would rally around him and cheer his seditious antics, no matter how blatant or traitorous.  Rev. David referred to this as a type of a ‘Barabbas2 like Syndrome.’  The party he represented would begin by giving in to him slowly but not stopping him as his corruption grew more intense and their presence in office depended upon their support of him.  Within four short years, this authoritarian man would trammel anything to be a dictator, having no qualms about destroying all for which the United States stands. He would be a psychopathic man driven by power, greed, and hunger for more, a man seeking to turn our democracy into a Banana Republic complete with cheering, rowdy hoards of gun-toting supporters replete with chants and acts of violence.

Does this sound at all familiar?  When he spoke it, living in a comfortable 90’s culture, even the possibility seemed like a science fiction novel.  Indeed, the United States has the strength and the intelligence rooted in the Founding Fathers’ vision to stop such a travesty dead in the beginning stages.  As a collective consciousness, even with an educated awareness, the United States people were sufficiently distracted by struggling for a living to allow such a bleak future to take place.  How could U.S. citizens ever be duped into resuscitating such a radically Southern Confederate agenda? After all, we are a representative republic of checks and balances, are we not?  Quite obviously not, according to some in our citizenry; we need to make some changes fast!

As a result of this dictator type president’s folly, Rev. David predicted the Civil War’s reawakening, U.S. citizen pitted against U.S. citizen, blood in the streets.  Those who enshrined the worship of slavery in the Southern Confederate Constitution would follow the dictator off a cliff.  In principle, regardless of facts at war against people who believe in what the U.S. Constitution represents to its people and the world, it appears we find ourselves at that inflection point right now.  Donald Trump’s psychopathic infection continues to challenge the legitimate election of Joseph Biden as the President-Elect of the United States of America.

As he attempts to burn down the White House and Institutions of State on his way out, Donald Trump throws temper tantrum after temper tantrum.  He is like a three-year-old who is told “no,” he refuses to veto or sign legislation sorely needed for the plague besieged, starving people of our great country.  All this chaos appears to be by intention to make the coming years of a Biden presidency even more of a challenge than it already is; thus, Rev. Strickler’s prophecy becomes more evident, and democracy becomes a living golem with each passing day.  To think that Trump still has more than three weeks until January 20 to wreak whatever sociopathically inspired havoc on our sacred country is nearly unbearable.

Although I must admit in my heart, I wish Rev. Strickler had spoken different words back in the ’90s; wishing doesn’t make it so.  David’s prediction is now alive in all too living, vivid color, and walking dead glory!  He did not, however, as I recall, predict what the outcome of this destructive, threatening, probable inflection point would be.  He left that part unspoken.  Though, David did say it had to be resolved by the voters’ decisions and choices and who they chose to put in power to the country’s reins.  Gratefully, in the United States, that still includes every one of us who has a vote, unless Republicans continue to abolish free, fair, and secure access to elections.

However, there are signs of Light forming an ongoing triumph.  The Light forming victory against those creating darkness is evident in the January 5 runoff for Senators seats in Georgia. We have the chance of swearing into office Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock in the Senate for a small, but significant, Democratic majority.  Biden and Harris will become our leaders on January 20.  Slowly, some Republicans are finding it more comfortable with eschewing their group’s cowardly spinelessness and beginning to speak up and tell Trump it is over.  But there those who remain, those who choose Trump’s brainwashing.  His political die-hards genuinely believe the malicious mistruths that psychopathic Trump has integrated into their reality; the Democrats rigged the presidential election. Or better yet, Joe Biden and the Democrats stole the election from him that he won by a landslide.  The new incoming administration certainly has a long road ahead to show Trump’s political supporters the election is clean, was in good faith, legal, and, most importantly, constitutional.  If anyone can represent our Nation’s ideals, President-Elect Joe Biden and the first female President-Elect Kamala are capable.

We who write for The Spiritual Climate Newsletter consciously chose to remain silent these past 11 months for all the reasons cited above.  We felt what our free-speech represented ideologies of nonsupport and resistance.  In a political climate where those in power seek to harm and make discernable threats of intimidation, hatred, and possible acts of violence, we felt it best to step aside to analyze societal conditions.  With bigotry, racism, and to hell with any reasoning spewed into the free speech in such an explosive environment reflecting significant levels of fear and anxiety in our great country, it can feel as if you are screaming into a silent void. Screaming rage into a chaos of fire leaves no chance to be heard, only by those who already walk in the Light.

The “Spiritual Climate Newsletter” and Rev. David’s site, “Digital Mystic,” have been under repeated attacks on our webpages.  The goal of the attacks? To shut us up. To again attack forcibly seeking to remove our internet presence. To silence our writing, to kill off our free speech, especially where it does not agree with the imaginary nature of religious and non-religious self-righteousness.  This type of censorship is incomplete, modeling descending directly from the Monetarist’s sacred economic bigotry of Elite Socialism. They feel the need to serve the Father of Lies with an underhanded plan to stunt the United States’ growth while taking power and control from anyone disagreeing with the rot inside their views.  It is the Republican Neoliberal agenda: to maintain hammering into the fabric of status quo, bipartisan fiscal policies with the sure assistance from moderates inside the Democrats’ party, serving an irrational exuberance to economic neoliberalism to enable republicans a stingy, poverty level inside the working class of America, for the sake of controlling, exploiting, fleecing, and parasitically feed off the productive power of labors.  Sometimes, David refers to neoliberalism as “the illiteracy of Margaret Thatcher’s economic ego on steroids.” The neoliberalism3 of the Republican and Democrat parties are paid to protect Elite Socialism. Its accomplishment is specific by promoting instability, uncertainty, fear of dwindling resources engineered with inequality, racism, and xenophobic bigotry, whether cultural or sexual.

In this period of the Winter Solstice, we here at Spiritual Climate, those present and including those remembered, intend to share the dawning, increase of forming Light extended to our readers.  The resilience and reverence that this True Season holds, with its inherent joy, sacred silence, and rise of a New Year, opens many positive possibilities.  It also contains a profound strength of healing found in the Heart and Soul’s depths of evolving humanity, aligning its human consciousness’s spiritual principles seeking reconciliation and fulfillment.

‘Tis the Season for invoking the true Spirit of Christmas and the dawn of a New Year, The Staff of The Spiritual Climate Newsletter wish you the growth, expanse, and genuine non-material prosperity inherent within the highest awareness and best embrace of the true Human Spirit that resides within us all.

From the Institute of Spiritual Climate and the Spiritual Climate Newsletter, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christine Ford, Editor, Spiritual Climate Newsletter,                                        Rev. Dr. David Strickler, Director, Institute Of Spiritual Climate LLC

Copyright © 2020 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC, All Rights Reserved.

[1] Team, The Grammarist. “‘Tis the Season – Grammarist.” Grammarist. Accessed December 27, 2020. https://grammarist.com/phrase/tis-the-season/.

Quoting Grammarist, “ ‘Tis the season is a phrase that refers to things that happen during the holiday time stretching roughly from Thanksgiving through Christmas. Some believe that this holiday season stretches from after Halloween through New Year’s Day.”

[2] “Barabbas.” In Wikipedia, December 21, 2020. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Barabbas&oldid=995559307

[3] Michabo Sustainable Harmony. Neoliberal Economics – Professor Michael Hudson, 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g0zehnmVWk.

Source: Can Stock Photo

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Moscow Mitch: Short-Haired Putin Type Pinko Cad

first draft, august 28, 2019, 11:58 pm, unfinished

Moscow Mitch (Sen. Mitch McConnell): a name well suited to a not-yet-evolved-to-human sleaze, a wayward adolescent who strains out legal gnats, swallows camels and Russian Money.  Forget the spirit of the law, this bigot doesn’t give a crap about anything other than his ability to wield power.  He is just another dangerous, adolescent political Jack-Ass who went bat crap crazy after an African American man Barrack Obama was voted into office.

Why is Moscow Mitch, Sen. Mitch McConnell, bat crap crazy and dangerous?  Because he cannot answer a question directly without referencing something from the Obama administration.  He is lost in the past OR uses the past to deflect any genuine answer as to why he is doing any of the corrupt proceedings he is doing with premeditation, just like a guilty crook proclaiming innocence while on the witness stand in court.  Don’t forget the help he is receiving from the Theocratic Penis Worshipers on the SCOTUS: Justice Alito and the other two illegals on the Supreme Court who should be investigated and impeached for agreeing to play along with the power usurpation of Moscow Mitch:  Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Moscow Mitch is doing much intentional harm to the United States of America, especially since his campaign uses a Russian money funnel to fuel Russian oligarch business interests as reported by Rachel Maddow and many other reputable journalistic sources.  Apparently, Sen. Mitch McConnell is doing to much political masturbation in the wee hours of the morning in the poop deck of the White House with the evil, inhumane President Trump and Trump’s administration of twisted monsters—at least that is the purview my discernment and foresight is hinting to me as a U.S. citizen.

Sen. Mitch McConnell was christened with the moniker “Moscow Mitch” by journalistic moderator Joe Scarborough of MSNBC Morning Joe.  Even though Joe Scarborough suffers from insufficient literacy on Monetary Sovereignty, this particular opine from Joe Scarborough is one of the handful of topics he’s enunciated with which I share consensus. Prior to Scarborough’s moment of brilliant clarity giving McConnell the moniker “Moscow Mitch”, I was repeatedly griping at the TV when McConnell appeared calling McConnell, “Mitch the Biotch,” which I rapidly forgot after hearing the name ‘Moscow Mitch” in the shortly before sunrise insomnia morning, while using the boredom I experience while  Morning Joe as a means to get my body to sleep.


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Economic Sadism à la Trump

David Strickler | Unfinished Draft::Last Update:2019-01-12

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Sadism is on the rise. Many new events constructed by President Trump seem to be nothing out of the ordinary except to the press and his gullible base. More sadism, political sadism, psychological sadism, physical sadism. Trumpian increase of sadism. Hell, Trump doesn’t even understand the scope of Government.

Trump does understand interference and how to inflict pain. Interference is a means by which the ‘narcissist in chief’ holds a form of reigns to control those around him through any form of painful sadism to satisfy his instinctual cravings for dictatorship, supreme power over people, and his warped need for people to submit, bow down and kneel to his sickness.

To digress for moment though, why is this happening in the USA? The drive toward authoritarianism is now a predictable outcome from the high priests conducting a seance inside the halls fo the economic orthodoxy (e.g., Chicago School) who work with apriori models to create disturbing outcomes or to put handpicked systems of economics on steroid. Why? People succumb to models without regard to emperical evidence because the model can be ‘seen’ in the visual and imaginative centers. Models are used and ratcheted up through a period of time as a weapons of usurpation. The most notable model in this category is the parasitic, destructive and infecting power of Neoliberalism, modernized into function by Margaret Thatcher.

The priest of orthodoxy use seance economics to necromance the rotting carcass of imported (here in the USA) British grade a, Margaret Thatcher Neoliberalism. add many dashes neoclassical spices of unfounded and unrealistic assumptions to cover up the real foul odor of realities represented in fertile minds of imagination, unchecked by use of reason. Look no further than to the ‘Trump loves me, Trump loves me not’ personalities of Rep. Mo Brooks (@RepMoBrooks), Sen. Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC), Sen. Mitch McConnell (@SenateMajLdr) or pseudo economist rantings of Stephen Moore and Larry Kudlow. The next step is to profligate the models into the mainstream carnival of political media.

No Original Herbs or Spices, Just Straight Up Chicken Shit

The rotting flesh of neoliberalism is then distributed through various channels of distribution and defended as the mysterious unnamed ideological source that politicians rely on to create policy for public consumption. And it works! How well does it work? It works as well as few know why things are so bad as bad as those who think Social Security and/or medicare is not a government program!

Neoliberalism is designed to liberate the markets (free liberal markets) from, any need of regulation or oversight. It is also designed to gradually conosume the resource of time and money from those not born into the upper 1%, it strips assets and resources out of a country and deprives student in grade school a better foundation of equality to develop young critical thinking minds onto a steady ground of growth to contribute to themselves and a the general welfare of a Nation at large. This beats the asset and resource stripping from the powers of labor to increase the servitude of the many.

This rotting carcass of Neoliberalism can be detected at the root of authoritarian seeking/leaning masses of the public who come to realize they are being sheared. Neoliberalism is the unspoken common value that isn’t taken up for talk in the political mainstream media due to a likely ‘it’s to hard for them to comprehend and confusing’ so why bother anyone with it discussion to help them resolve the source irritation of the mental rot spreading like a cancer through all financial systems, because it is the ultimate weapon capable of creating subservience and manipulation of most if not all possibilities of democrat and republican like parties producing infrastructure in needed states of repair from decades of use and decay. Neoliberalism funnels the money upwards, even deficit spending.

The exception is within the republican party. The republican party collective psyche is rather plantation servitude oriented, thus putting asset growth and cash flow into the hand of whited anglo-saxon sepulchres and puts confederate political system on a road of usurpation success to the point where it appears to be resurrecting around the world into the hands of dictatorial people all being influenced by the vapid structure of stealing wealth and political usurpation known as the Soviet Putin Affect with his band of merry Oligarchs.

To come back to our initial thought, Trump imposes economic sadism (No Pay for hours worked, a capitalists favorite!), he imposes hurt and wrongful circumstances (can’t pay the rent, mortgage) upon workers until he gets what he wants. If it were only an adult boy holding his breath until he gets what he wants, I’d say suffocate you bastard. But there are millions of people being put into hard conditions since they are only paycheck to paycheck, if that, from being out in the streets. Thank again the orthodoxy seance economists necromancing the imported british economics of the rotted corpse of Margaret Thatcher Neoliberalism, improved upon by the Chicago boys in its now steroid form which has been reducing growth of wages in favor of growing the wealthy billionaire fungus currently strutting around in suits thinking it is all their money like the Communist Koch Brothers.

This first thing to do is to start questioning the source of politicians so called facts. Where were these facts shaped? By Whom(s)? What is the goal of the institution propagated the minds of either democratic or republican politicians? What do they want? Why do they want you to believe the government is running out of money for instance (its not but it helps them for you to believe in that silly nonsensical LIE) Or that taxes fund programs? Ask them how the military keeps funded at around 1 trillion dollars a year. Answer: Congress spend (creates actual money) Then what are taxes for? Did you know Taxes destroy dollars. (That should answer why programs need to be funded through repeated congressional spending.) It is also a means to keep the greedy in check with higher taxes. Last question, who is kissing whose Ass, if applicable?

Then what is PAYGO? PAYGO is a form of a fairy tale used to keep the unwealthy in line so they can’t grow beyond their means. PAYGO is a tool used by the wealthy to keep the majority of people in near squalor conditions. Heaven forbid you realize that the government can afford more than what is letting on—it doesn’t mean that government can spend like drunken sailors giving the rich 1 trillion in a bonus. It does mean we can fund many necessary programs and finally get out of the stupor of the gold standard and wake up to strengthening our Nation through education and reducing the amount of capitalist and communist pigs there are bullying their way around the political economy of the USA, shoving the rotting carcass of neoliberalism into the mouths of citizens and staving off the intentionally implemented economic genocide generated by the filthy infection known as neoliberalism.

And yes, a mystic has the ability to see this, just as it looked probable that President Trump is a Russian agent sent in to decimate the USA for militaristic psy-ops takeover after it drops its shields along with Trump’s merry band of capitalist liberal market and communist rulership grifter pigs extending from the interior stench and rotting entropy of PUTIN’S SOUL.

© 2019 by Rev. Dr. David Strickler, All Rights Reserved

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