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Bishop David Strickler, a mystic, welcomes you to his Mystic’s Digital Journal publication which appears alongside Spiritual Climate Newsletter.   

Editors Forward, by Christine Ford

Originally produced on Tuesday, October 22, 2020, at 8:37 PM UTC/GMT -7 hours. UPDATED AUGUST 3, 2021.

Reverend Dr. W. David Strickler is a Bishop and the Hem-Netjer-Tepi Priest of an ancient mystical order known as the Khonsu Order Priests of Thoth, Amun-Ra.  He is the last Bishop of his order whose roots come out of the Kasdeem’s of ‘Aur Kaśdim’ (Hebrew: אוּר כַּשְׂדִּים ʾur kasdim), commonly translated as Ur of the Chaldees.  Out of this order, the priestly caste of the Magi grew into influence and power.  Yes, this is the same Aur Kasdim Abram1 who left at the urging of the divine immanence he carried within.

This “Mystic’s Digital Journal” is Bishop Strickler’s social commentary EZine, an online newsletter.  He uses this media for some small brainstorming to reflect what he sees as a need to lend a rational voice and some clarity to social events globally, particularly in the United States.  As he puts it, “Mystics live in the ordinary world and deal with genuine life issues affecting themselves or others producing hallucinations mucking up and thus needlessly complicating life for the many.  I also want to de–bastardized the word ‘mysticism’ being from the object of being a scapegoat and punching bag by so-called ‘free–thinkers’ who do not know what the hell they are talking about when misusing the word “mystic,” or supernatural.”

Mysticism is a complicated word that mainstream Orthodoxies abuse and thus demonstrates their learned ignorance and irrational exuberance of using “mysticism” as a go-to Scapegoat for almost everything erroneously painted as “magical thinking.” Bishop Strickler says, “they are making up shit in the one-room movie theater of their imagination, and they keep vomiting this type of horseshit.”

At the Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC, we assist Bishop Strickler with his personal, digital publication to provide ideas of the principles, thinking, and feeling accompanying contemplation of over 48,000+ hours of knowledge lectures he has presented and continues to share for 3 to 4 decades.

Those of you new to his Social Commentaries:  Bishop Strickler is not a Journalist, blogger, or writer per se.  Many excellent journalists serve a needed checkpoint of the private and public functions occurring in our ongoing dialogue, of freedom bestowed by the genius of the U.S. Constitution.  Whether hidden or obvious, a voicing of fact is part of responsible journalism writers’ freedom of speech.  Yet, even though they may fail in asking the necessary tough questions of those entrusted with power from the many, received by their sacred, unrigged vote in the peaceful change of power transferred to newly voted in officeholders.  It also provides “sunlight,” the necessary transparency, the potent disinfectant required to keep autocracy from spreading like cancer, inherently providing safety for a representative republic from dour oligarchies or the sickness of sociopathic authoritarians seeking to destroy freedom resulting from free and fair elections.

The censoring of new findings of knowledge by journalism or other media, otherwise known as blacklisting, is a blatant attempt to redirect those with gullible attention away from critical facts to improve the conditions of humanity.  It dilutes the power of advancing a larger swath of new knowledge, e.g., new economic perspectives or sane public policy.  An example of this would be the handiwork of Chicago University’s economic determinism, an orthodoxy’s censorship stamping out the free exchange of ideas inside the mainstream media’s, Republican-influenced robotic dialogue.  One might ask the critical question of, “Why do you ask?”  And their answer could be heard saying,  “the inflamed embers of the Civil War’s confederate south want to harvest results from their lobbied efforts.  These efforts  stream from conservative think tanks funded by billionaires seeking a return on their monies—determined to protect themselves, their profits, monies, and power from a progressive working class in the USA.”

Bishop Strickler puts it this way:

“Life is fair until usurped by the minority of sadistic avariciously oriented people, intent on using their lizard brain to make it complicated, complex, and unfairly just for the many of humanity. They are the true enemy and bastards borne of their egoic fear and ignorance.”

Monied elites’ invisible hands inject what Bishop Strickler calls the Bozone2 Some organizations inside the Beltway Media, according to Bishop Strickler,  have a plan of hate and unwillingness to let go of power.  They want to prevent a fuller context of comprehensive facts from anyone outside their rusty memes emerging from their orthodoxy that could disrupt their profit centers.  This type of zeal comes from maintaining Protestant exceptionalism to keep the chains of slavery formed within the sadistic predatory power unregulated in capitalism. That is an example, a taste of what a genuine voice of mysticism should reveal in the world of today

Yes, Bishop David Strickler is quite a natural person who lives in this often-chaotic inflection point known as “this World.”  As he puts it, ‘First and foremost, I am a human being,’ a man who is a Mystic living in a “body glove,” disabled by brain injuries, the neurological damage from a stroke.  Bishop Strickler chooses to share his mystic process, mystic observations, and human beings’ measurements in positive and negative situations, alongside his inner scrutiny of personal experiences.

He has no high-paying contract with anyone that states he must, for example, articulate the Science of Stupid Economics (as found on COMCAST-NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN FOX, NEWSMAX, et al.).  He cares little whether or not you agree with his views on mystics, mysticism, mystic consciousness.  You are entirely free to hold on to any personal truths or likely delusions enslaving you with whatever part of your Imagination is unchecked by the use of Reason.  You might probably invest heavily in holding onto your ‘blanky,’ nor is belief essential to understand what ideas he is trying to convey.  Information is not knowledge.

Since he uses the word “Mystic,” you can be sure he and his journal have no commercial marketing ‘program of illumination’ or liberation for you to purchase; otherwise, he wouldn’t use the well abused, misunderstood, and scapegoated word—Mystic.  You will often see a title used, the “Great Rabbi,” in Bishop Strickler’s writings.  Rev. Strickler tells us this is a proper title in Western Mystical Sects, referring to Yeheshua, the Jew named Jesus.  The Great Rabbi was a Jew; Jesus was not a Christian.

Upon hearing the word Mystic, people may cringe.  However, it belies a response from some people to set their hair on fire and run around in circles screaming lies like a charlatan, or that the material world is namely the only existence, and “there is no world of Spirit.”  Such underinformed people are likely Republicans who pray to their imaginary god constructed in the image and likeness of their myopic, warped personalities.  One can see their exposed personality flaws acting like shrink wrap exposed to heat. If only their mouths reacted like heat shrink, there would be less misinformed pollution circulating in the world of media generated by the tyranny of the minority.  This tyrannical minority represents mentally imbalanced, thieving politicians, for example, the unchecked power of a Moscow Mitch McConnell or a sociopathic wannabe dictator vomiting horseshit, a specimen like Donald Trump.

Mystics do not live off fruit produced in the uterus inside their Imagination as do the latter named exemplars; this could not be further from the truth.  Mystics know Intuition is the Response to the process of Reason, not a discharge of activity flowing from Imagination unchecked by the use of Reason.  Facts are just facts.  Facts are part of truths, although facts may not be Truths.

Bishop Strickler has expressed he has no intention to embellish this site with extras such as the mystical schools’ hidden secrets.   Instead, he will likely share his favorite mystic digital stash of “mental software”  or the discovered hacks revealed by the process of illuminating the mind to liberate it from the hallucinations of the ego.

May you (Soul) discover the vibrancy of the Lord of Life inside you.


—Christine Ford, editor of Spiritual Climate Newsletter

Editor’s P.S.:  Please remember that any article you read of Bishop Strickler’s writings may not look or read the same the next time you visit.  He continually revises and refines the renderings as well as extended concepts of his conveyance.  Bishop Strickler is known to edit any of his writings up to 100+ times.  To be forewarned is to be informed–Lol!  Observe these words—so that you know!

Copyright © 2015 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC

Disclaimer: Bishop Strickler has no intention to reveal what is shown from Teacher to Student in private, frequently referred to as “secrets,” although, he suspects, some inferences might bleed through his writings.  And any opinion he expresses about legal, medical, or psychological concepts, including any of their theories and information, is not to be construed as advice.


  1. We speak of THE Abram.  He became Abraham, the Father of the great Abrahamic religions:  Judaism, the base of the other two religions, Christianity and Islam. Also, we note Abraham’s people in Ur had no connection to the Chaldeans.[]
  2. BOZONE LAYER: a substance surrounding stupid people.  It short circuits Epiphanies that occur to enable illumination of the mind out of its darkness.  This illumination chases away the shadowy creation in the senses to flush out sensory narcosis from contrived opinion accepted as fact instead of fiction. The substance called Bozone creates pablum which in turn is ingested and turns minds to mud and generates an inebriate state of perception, used with precision in business, government, and industries to induce and produce the mass phenomena known as the Emperor’s New Clothes.  Unfortunately, this layer of Bozone shows no signs of breaking down soon, contributing to the meltdown of rationality, ushering further the new ice age of frozen people who have lost their Minds, pushing current humanity towards various levels of Extinction.[]
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