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Editors Forward, by Christine Ford

Welcome to the David Strickler’s: Mystic’s Digital Journal publication being published alongside Spiritual Climate NewsletterRev. Strickler’s EZine online newsletter is a brain storm of his seeing a need to give rational voice to Mysticism, since it is abuse in the mainstream Orthodoxys due to their ignorance and irrational exuberance of using mysticism as its Scapegoat. We have (Institute of Spiritual Climate Llc) assisted Rev. Strickler with this publication so that he can provide some records of thinking and contemplation of over 30,000+ hours of knowledge lectures he has and continues to  give for over 30 years.  Rev. David Strickler, is a priest of an ancient mystical order known as the Khonsu Order Priests of Thoth, Amun-Ra.

For those of you new to his Social Commentaries: he is not a Journalist, nor blogger per se, and there are many excellent journalists in the U.S.A. but are censored out (blacklisted) of mainstream by the what he calls the paid for Bozone1Beltway Media who he says have their own agenda in hating full comprehensive facts from anyone outside their agenda that might disrupt their profits centers.  Yes, Rev. David Strickler is a man, as he puts it, ‘First and foremost I am a human being’, a man who is a Mystic living in a disabled body who is choosing to share his observations and measurements of human beings in both positive and negative situations, along with his inside personal experiences in some of those said observations.  He has no high paying contract with anyone that states he must, for example, articulate the Science of Stupid Economics (as found on COMCAST-NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN FOX et al), and he cares little whether you agree with him or not because your are perfectly free to hold on to any likely personal delusions you may be enslaved to since you probably invested heavily in holding onto that ‘blanky’; nor is belief essential to understand what he may be trying to convey.  Information is not Knowledge.

Since he is using the word “Mystic”, you can be sure he and his journal has no commercial marketing ‘program of illumination’ or liberation for you to purchase; otherwise he wouldn’t use the well abused, misunderstood and scapegoated word – Mystic.  Some people and Orthodox institutions have an obtuse, sarcastically fearful and uninformed opine from their own wrapped-too-tight personality to the word Mystic, mistakenly thinking Mystics live off the fruit produced by the uterus of their imagination;  Nothing could be further from the Truth: Mystics know Intuition is the Response to Reason, not activity flowing from the use of Imagination unchecked by Reason. Facts are just facts not Truths.

He has expressed to us that he has, at least currently, no intention to embellish this site with extras, although he will gradually publish his favorite ‘mystic digital stash of software’ that he prefers to use due to either its quality-comprehensive coding, superior support and/or ‘Wow’-effectiveness.

Also, he has no intention to reveal what was shown or given to him from Teacher to Student in private, although he suspects some inferences might bleed through the writings.

-Christine Ford, editor of Spiritual Climate Newsletter

Editor’s P.S.:  Please remember that any article you read of Rev. David Strickler’s writings, be it known it may not look or read the same the next time you visit.  He continually revises and refines the rendering as well as the extension of his conveyance.  He has been known to revise articles over 100 times.  You have be fairly warned, Just so you know!

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  1. BOZONE LAYER: a substance surrounding stupid people which short circuits Epiphanies from illuminating the mind, that chases away the shadow creation of the senses and actually enhances sensory narcosis; contrived opinion accepted as fact instead of fiction.  This substance is ingested and turns minds to mud while creating an inebriate state of perception, which is used with precision by people in business, government and industries to induce and produce the mass phenomena known as the Emperor’s New Clothes.  The Bozone Layer, unfortunately, shows little signs of breaking down in the near future, which contributes to the melt down of rationality, ushering further the new ice age of frozen people who have lost their Soul, pushing current humanity towards various levels of Extinction.[]
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