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Vladimir Putin, Shits on the World, a Child Killer, LIAR, Genocidal Maniac, Inferiority Complex, War Criminal—a Stalin-Hitler Racist Brain-Rot

by Bishop W. David Strickler

Putin is using power as a Russian leader to shit on the people in the world.  Vladimir Putin’s actions show a person who is a coward unable to muster an ounce of courage to show his citizens in Russia the TRUTH of what he is doing in Ukraine and threatening Europe.  Instead, he is bullshitting them with a phantasmagoric narrative and instead—feeding them SOMA

A sinister cacophony of heinous brutality is generated when a prolific LIAR like Putin has a profound cultural and personal inferiority complex.  Such traits can drive a political operative with power to murder and maim thousands of innocent children, women, and men under some contrived narrative to steal more land containing resources for greater economic power.  It is a scenario that should be readily recognizable to a thieve like Donald Trump, who is a grifter stealing a living selling bullshit.

Maybe it is because Putin and his brain-damaged freaks of nature in the DUMA clown car can’t keep up with a world growing beyond the old race mind once brimming with loathsome, mind-control, primitive authoritarian pre-humans like themselves and they now instinctively know their days are numbered. 

Or maybe it is because they have gown lazy and prefer to keep the handouts of their wealth controlled by the blood-sucking vampire squid Putin.  Never you mind they suppress the further development of their citizens  which leads to greater financial parity for all. 

Nah, it is far easier to enjoy the power and authority gained through inequality. A far more superior form of crowd control supported by fear and threats. 

It kind of sounds similar to the USA’s white nationalists who are a misogynist freak show.  Another group debilitated by the irrational fear summoned up in their imaginations unchecked by reason, saying they are irrelevant.  Like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Lauren Boebert; a pair of cracked personality disorders who become confused when put into a circular room and told to find the pennies in the corners.  Both share mental ineptitude of comparing household budgets to federal budgets.  They feign economic literacy to exuded an understanding of the nuances in how federal budgets work. 

But far worse, or maybe the same is the economically lobotomized, brainwashed, and favorite whore of lobbyists, none other than the jackass Sen. Joe Manchin.  Republicans, similar to the people mentioned above are all supremely spiritual jackoffs paid to dance and manipulated to the disinformation service of the billionaire boys club to assist corporate fascism in maintaining Socialism for the Rich, and Capitalism for the Rest

But, the billionaire club excludes a trillionaire like Putin.  Putin can buy or coerce billionaires to be put into the service of any Russian politburo of disinformation sustained by the Mercer’s.  FOXNews instantly climbs to the top of the neoliberal crud performing like circus barker’s to earn their yearly millions earnings generated by blood money.

It becomes evident how the Declaration of Independence was a shot heard worldwide.  And how it infuriated the cream of the not-quite-human beings who instinctively knew their days are numbered.  They know full well truth destroys falsehood and they will give it their all before they are crapped out of the sphincter of history only to become fertilizer as they rot in their coffins.

Putin knows this too.  He will one day die (the sooner, the better) and be relegated into the rotting decay of men who wanted to create the world into the hideous image and likeness of their crack personalities and bloviating egos.  Xi Jinping, along with the North Korean fat boy Kim Jong-un, and the Hungarian jackass Viktor Orbán won’t be to far behind Putin and the many more personalities of Stalin-Hitler racist Brain Rot.  

The sooner they leave this world, the better—at least as far as I am concerned.  

People such as these never seem to die soon enough.  These types of People seem to die later than sooner. They never seem to die sooner or soon enough.  And this gives  authoritarian politicians and those like them an annoying amount of time to piss and shit all over anyone, especially people who have what they want.  They will piss and shit all over the living quarters and environments (look at Norilsk, Russia) and intentionally ransack, squeeze, and steal the economic wealth of the public while seizing rule over the bodies and minds of men, women, and children.

How else do thieves like Putin, et al., get rich?  Michael Hudson is a distinguished professor of economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.  He’s also a researcher at the Levy Institute at Bard. He’s a former Wall Street analyst and a frequent commentator on economic matters and economic historical matters. He’s written extensively and I found he puts it the best. 

“Most of the monopoly rent has come from the privatization that you had from Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and the whole of neoliberalism.  If you look at how did this 1% get most of this wealth?  Well, if you look at the Forbes list of the billionaires in almost every country, they got wealth in the old-fashioned way: from taking it from the public domain.  In other words, privatization.”1 2 3

Here, in the United States, they are called Capitalist Republicans who claim they want a small government by depriving the federal government of necessary authority and power to be divvied up into an exorbitant for all-consuming dictatorial state power  to breed 50 old fashion dukes resembling the world prior to the Nation-Sovereign State, or more recently, the power structure salivated by Southern jackass Confederates known basically as plantation-slavery.  What a load of bait and switch black magic of advertising influence horseshit.  

Republicans, like Putin, desire an all-powerful state.  They seek to IMPOSE their ideological rule over the electorate’s bodies, minds, and speech; miniature dictators.  This is accomplished by the aid of state governors (local dictators), and they can can determine a theocratic state similar to Islamic terrorists.  They can take a women’s right to her own decisions about her body, and legally censoring any opposition through the states moral depravity disguised as Christianity.  They want to predetermine what children can or cannot learn, say or cannot say just like the imposition they place on their parents. 

They want to cancel the votes of anyone not in agreement with what they say.  Like Putin, they wish to cancel free and fair elections because didn’t you know?  Elections are rigged!  And all this done under the guise of pseudo-Christian blaspheme called a jackass interpretation of the Book of Revelations.  So they want the power to cancel out the freedom of anyone disagreeing with their in their political, religious, and secular views influenced by Putin ‘s Republican platform blessed by the religious Orthodoxy who kiss his ass.

For the sake of brevity, I say Republicans are Putin understudies who only care about winning at all costs, whether or not it is good for the United States.

Political show monkeys like DeSantis, Abbott, Ducey, Rick Scott et al., will continually vomit the horseshit of the Republican fecal hood residing deep within the cavernous hallways of their fetid brains to recreate their primeval deviancy while paying homage to Putin.

Toward what end?  This is well answered in modern film, the Matrix. “The Oracle: What do all men with power want?  More power.”  To seize power and control over willing dupes who give up their use of Free Will that originates in power of God himself.  To abuse and stupidly lend their use of Will to support  Republican authoritarian rule over people and money as mentioned above.

To repeat me, these ideological authoritarian bat-crap crazy people promulgate hallucinations that are willingly bought (accepted) by unwitting, disgruntled, feeble minded people who never learned to discern or think.  In the United States, look at the volume of weak Americans who equate the loss of freedom is wearing a mask for protection.  Unlike the Ukrainians being slaughtered by Putin who are not complaining about wearing a mask in public, these irrational Americans give themselves as being martyrs.  “Look at them take away my freedom they say,” while the duplicitous Republicans smile like Cheshire cats.  These poor, boring  Americans sacrifice their Ego in order to feel sanctified in some perverse link they associate with their Christianity.  The trouble is, they are not being fed to the lions, they are dying from having to live with momentary discomfort of wearing a fucking mask.  What unholy political fodder they have chosen to become.

This sanctified, political fodder is devoured by such devolutionary forces of a predatory consumerism driven by warped, sick, power-hungry fascist billionaires—rich political vermin who have contracted a Brainereal4 (as in Venereal) disease—the syphilis of Stalin-Hitler Brain-Rot spread by people filthy carrier pigeons like Vladimir Putin, Sergey Lavrov, Trump, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Vasily Nebenzya and the whole pack of other rat shit human beings modeling these personalities who are kicking the dead horse of slavery.

Most of our Republican men and women should be in a psychiatric hospital—and are rapidly turning into walking worm food in a state of pre-decay, before they are placed into their whited sepulcher, which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.5

And by my standards, they are not getting in their whited sepulchers soon enough—at least as far as I am concerned.

Copyright © 2022 by William Strickler, All Rights Reserved.

  1. Hudson, Michael. “Piketty vs Hudson | Michael Hudson Debating Debt.” MICHAEL HUDSON on Finance, Real Estate, and the power of Neoliberalism., October 8, 2021.[]
  2. A salient point worth noting is that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is “stunningly superficial” in his profound ignorance in economic history about Reagan and Thatcher and that includes ‘only see half of the balance sheet’ Steve Rattner.  But hey, Scarborough is being paid 8 million dollars a year to spew misinformation and disinformation like the Putin bloviates on FOXNews provide.  Don’t Educate the public! Lead them astray and we will pay you 8 Million a year.  Not a bad gig that only requires the pseudo self-righteous ignorance that produced today’s version of the Republikan party.[]
  3. Neoliberalism: The philosophy that public ownership and regulation is inherently less efficient than management by financial operators. The policy conclusion is that the public domain and government enterprises should be privatized and the sales proceeds used to roll back taxes on the highest wealth and income brackets. Unlike the liberalism of Adam Smith and subsequent free-trade economists, neoliberalism endorses an intrusive role of government to protect property and financial fortunes without regard to long-term tendency for the exponential growth of debt to exceed and indeed undercut the economy’s ability to pay. (See Internal Contradiction, Junk Science, Neoconservatives and Social Market.) – Prof. Michael Hudson, (Hudson, Michael. “N Is for Neo-Serfdom | Michael Hudson,” January 23, 2014.[]
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Republikans: Mad-Cow Disease, Parasitic ‘Stalin Brain Rot’ or Both?

The Republican party has become of tool for Putin and his boy billionaire mafia’s planned takeover of democracies.  The RNC is what winning at all costs looks like as a group of American citizens suffering from the mental illness of hallucinations. 

Idiot puppets who are a chartered voice for Putin and Xi Jinping’s politburo1.

Another example of what unchecked self-righteousness can produce in people who have Covid-19 directing the prions of Mad Cow disease to overtake their rational mind so that Stalin Brain Rot can complete their zombie trance.

Please read my 2016 article, “Takeover, The New Dark Age.”

‘Nuff said—for now.

Copyright ©2022 William Strickler. All rights reserved.


  1. Dmitriev, Oleg. “Politburo – Russiapedia Of Russian Origin.” Russiapedia RT. (February 23, 2022).[]
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The RNC and FOXNews: A Group of People Lacking Humanness, Suffering from ‘Stalin Brain Rot’

RNC, SnarlingNC. Putin and his boy billionaire mafia’s have purchased the RNC and FOXNews as a neoliberal tool of choice for takeover of free world democracies. This group of people are literally nothing more than shills for Communist takeover of the USA.

They resemble the shrill voice of Japanese Yokai, creating infernal hallucinations in people who wrongly fear their freedom has been taken away.

The RNC and FOXNews is what winning at all costs looks like in a group of people who can be bought–and–paid for—American citizens, who create a guise of feigned suffering , borne in the womb of their unchecked imaginations.

These denizen, idiot puppets have given up their free will and power of choice to become the poster children who are a chartered voice for Putin and Xi Jinping’s politburo.

A winning at all cost mentality is the consequence of insufficiently literate people choosing to NOT become fully vested as human beings.

For a basic primer, read my 2016 article, “Takeover, The New Dark Age.”

‘Nuff said—for now.

Copyright ©2022 William Strickler. All rights reserved.


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Vladimir Putin: A ‘Didn’t Quite Make It’ To Human Being Suffering From ‘Stalin Brain Rot’

Vladimir Putin is another person who, every time he opens his mouth, is vomiting cranial diarrhea originating from his brain crevices filled with the impacted decay of horseshit.  A genuine reference for ‘Stalin Brain Rot.

Maybe Putin’s brain is suffering from syphilis?  If not, it appears to me he shows evidence of suffering from a mid-life-crisis1 (minus the neglect of personal hygiene or appearance) embroidered with Napolean Complex.

It might explain the inhuman authoritarian visibility of his jackoff behavior.

Putin wants to loot the resources of Ukraine with the help of the chinese government.  It gives him and his Russian buddies another environmental landscape to pollute like adolescents who refuse to clean their room.

Don’t believe me?  Look at the Russian city of Norilsk became one of the most polluted places on earth.  Russian oligarch’s piss and crap all over everything and keep their people suffering in poverty to maintain control.

This control through poverty happens in the USA too.  It is called, Elite Socialism and you can watch or read about it here and here.  Fascist, Club for Growth, Billionaires enforcing inequality to maintain control of the middle-class populations, is the popular tool of choice for decades wielded by the moral depravity of Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats.

The support for neoliberal economic policies by Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, and political media (even MSNBC, whose producers force feed more discussion about Republicans than of Democrats) is a known precursor for fascist, capitalist, authoritarian leaders, and movements whose ultimate end result is the dismantling of democracies.

Toss in purchased, seated by the thievery of Moscow Mitch a group of Supreme Court Justices who embrace the Confederate Constitution through the apologetics of beer drinking, total ignorance as to when the soul enters the human body (their male defiance in giving the state control over a woman’s body,) favoring corporate control by brown nosing fascist billionaires such as the Mercer’s and Koch’s.

Add Alito’s worship of money instead of true free speech, Gorsuch’s demented interpretation of no separation between church and state, Amy Coney-Barrett’s lack of qualification for the Supreme Court and most of them pushing a theocratic agenda disguised by state rights to control the individual, preferred over Federal guidance.

What a jurisprudence clown car established by the fascist Federalist society and spiritual jackoff’s like evangelicals.

It is of no wonder why a brainwashed, mentally demented stefl-righteous people such as Republicans and Putin never quite made it into the ranks of becoming a true human beings.  And I do not know what the EFF he is talking about the spirituality of Russia.  Which Russia is he talking about? 

If it is him and the oligarchs, their spirituality, like Xi Jinping’s is nothing more than torture and death to people they seek to dominate and control—and that isn’t spirituality.  And neither is the Republican party filled with the abundant wisdom of spirituality.

It is moral depravity2

‘Nuff said—for now.

Copyright ©2022 William Strickler. All rights reserved.


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