Hannity Assist’s Trump’s Transition to Dictator

This isn’t new, but. . .Not that conflated Donald Trump needs any assistance, other than a choir offering up chants to his sulphurous horns disguised with a halo.  Trump’s politburo has a new interface from the traitorous FOXNEWS chain.  FOXNEWS keeps shoveling a greater percentage of fractured faire tales feeding week minded (or otherwise myopic, under informed americans) continual bait and switch to destroy the United States Government and turn it into an Authoritarian Dictatorship.  This will enable Donald Trump to advance his financial interests by selling off pieces of the United States to dictators and communist oligarch’s who are salivating at having U.S.A. Citizens as labor slaves.

Sean Hannity’s Best Look

Of course, this will be at the cost to a majority of U.S. Citizens and waiver their freedom including human rights.  Consider it collateral damage.  Sean Hannity’s Elite Socialist derived fortune is more important.  Besides, he is being blessed by his perverted twin, a majority of Evangelicals and their Authoritarian Dictator Creator god.  The proposed dominionist concentration camp here in order to usurp the Constitution of the U.S.A. into a Theocracy—sounds like a Christian form of ISIS to me.

GOAL?  To Make Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham and the Freedom Caucus (and some democrats) achieve an orgasm from continually masturbating to images of the Confederate Flag held up by southern white confederate belles.  They come across as anxiously awaiting free-market slave capitalism (imposed by Elite Socialism) that the installment of the Confederate Constitution of the Southern Confederacy and their Supreme Court candidates represent. 

While they are at it, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham and the drunken Freedom Caucus will move the majority of Human Rights  into the ownership hands of monied people of whom current Trump supporters sneer at;  leads to rebirthing interests of white Slavery owners (white trash corporations, i.e., state franchises) brand of Beastiality to revel in the Penis worship and enforced breeding of women, many white men and some ‘amen-religion-asshats’ seek to legally unrighteously impose on women. Great brand republicans represent: religiously icing-covered Beastiality. Ideological Porn if you ask me.

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