Marvel Comic’s STAN LEE Passed Away !  Āpracchana !

Marvel Comic’s Visionary Stan Lee Passed Away

2018, November 13,

What a profound moment affecting my personal life and history.  Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee passed away at age 95, Monday November the 12th, 2018.

The Marvel Comic’s Universe provided a secure area for the lonely corners of my youth.  I was absorbed by the art, creativity, possibility thinking and science both speculative and genuine, within the galaxy of Marvel Comic’s visionary Stan Lee.

I am not sure what I felt emotionally when I first discovered the news about Mr. Lee, I suspect I will be processing it for a bit, but my body felt it as a heaviness inside my chest, I can’t imagine what is felt at Marvel Comic’s for Stan Lee passing on, but here with me it is thought provoking..

Thank You , Mr. Lee for sharing what you had fun at with the world and breaking the barrier between audiences and artists.  Your creativity stimulated curiosity, discovery and a range of emotions from dark to light.  You will be missed as you embark on your new incredible journey.  Āpracchana !

Every Stan Lee Cameo Ever (1989-2018)


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2018 VOTING: Political EXORCISM – Or – Infestation of Darkness?

Election Day Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

another work in progress, updated 7:49pm, 11-06-2018

It is the day of the midterm elections, which means citizens of the USA are called upon to exercise their sacred duty of voting.  In this particular year and election, it means far more than ‘just voting.’  It is likely the year when a determination is made as to which direction this Nation will move: either toward greater equilibration to the Light, or further away from the Light toward disequilibrium of Darkness.

The Neoliberal Rotting Stench in Republican and Democrat Parties

Donald Trump is a Capitalist sickness borne of the economic neoliberalism in both the Republican and Democrat parties as they both moved away from using the Public sector to keep the private sector in check, mainly from the unholy alliance to bestiality Thatcherian economics which essentially disregards the health of a whole nation and allowing the greed of Capitalists to expropriate and extort the working public of a whole nation.  Republicans to this day refuse to discern the reflection back of a truth facing them in the mirror, that they are not Conservatives, but are in fact Neoliberal Capitalists seeking to destroy the general welfare of the people in the United States of America.  This is being accomplished by granting Corporations the status of States, as in the Confederacy in order to undermine the Constitution of the United States, reducing the public working class into nothing more than slaves of the ‘right to work’ inequality a person might expect to find in Confederate-Corporate plantations.

The Democrat’s Fugue

The Democrats fell stupor into their inability to think and counter Republican Neoliberalism1 due to their own inherent IGNORANCE of Monetary Sovereignty and what money really is:  the governments exclusive right to create currency (money) as it see fit for the health and growth of the Nation. Democrats instead choose to become a BIPOLAR (bipartisan) cooperatives occasionally feigning to help protect the middle and poor class from being used as a meat salad for the white beasts of greed, lust, anger, and corporate sloth; while helping the Republicans foment the LIE that taxes fund the programs and expenditures of the USA-pure unadulterated horse-shit, right up there with the removal of the Voting Rights Act and the investiture of an appearingly psychologically disturbed, black-out-drunk  untreated alcoholic, Supreme Court Judge candidate elevated to the Supreme Court of the United States, Brett Kavanaugh.

False Economics: Control of the Narrative

Republicans found a power tool, a Deus Ex Machina with the control of economic policy and regurgitated by a spineless lot of  just as Monetarily illiterate Democrats helping unknowingly in furthering the aims of controlling the UNTRUE narratives about how federal balances actually DO NOT work.

Take, for example, one of hundred LIES, the creation of needless fear in allowing a mass of citizens to worship the mantra that welfare is looting America when it is only 1.6% of the Federal Budget.  Or better yet the resolute cacophony that Balanced Budgets will protect the USS when in fact, A balanced budget, or better yet a Surplus, will create recession/depression, which relies on lack of accounting procedure in order for it to seem to be true. And on and On

Sectoral Balances. A derivation of the work of the brilliant economist, Dr. Stephanie Kelton (@StephanieKelton)

Yes, this is the core of rotting stench in the political psyches of both major parties, including the Libertarians ranting like court jesters throwing half baked , incomplete accounting sheet iterations: intentionally rendered half a pictures as seen through the one eyed monocle provided by darkened Souls of political court jesters and upheld by corporate political media to keep out the truth, that these incomplete accountings pervert the true view that they are covering up the imbalancing of the government checkbook to favor the wealthy.

But Wait, There’s More—Putin’s Alternate Universe.

Yes, the return of the half baked potatoes of the Southern Confederacy (Republican economics) became the fertile womb of Putin’s Corporate Communism. This meme of distress is created by the three Freudian lizard brain reactionaries of fear, food and sex in under developed minds led by the Kool-Aid of evil souls that inhabit the whited sepulchres of Newt Gingrich, the haughty Sen. Orrin Hatch, the aged fractured linearity of Sen. Chuck Grassley, the adroit presidential ass-kisser named Rep. Devin Nunes alongside the economic despots in Trump’s infamous cabinet members such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the great blood sucking financial squid of the Greek Nation known as Secretary of Commerce Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. or the banal dolt named Secretary of Education Elisabeth Dee Prince DeVos, or the pathology of fruit loops dished out by Kellyanne Conway and her inane ‘alternate facts’ and last but not least, the Kangaroo court antics of Sen. Mitch McConnell, whose Southern Confederate General’s hat says it all; all of the above individuals (and some not mentioned here2) who all scream Corruption and  “Please, Neuropsychiatric Test Me.” To get real, what Putin likely wants to create disturbances in perception to gain favor in order to annex the United States, and destroy USA from within, with Republicans basically kissing Putin’s ass and by  giving cover to the SICK, alarming and perturbed man occupying the People’s house, the White House currently in 2018.

Voting is Exorcism, Political Style

I’ll be closely watching the incoming results of the Vote today, as to how the people in the USA participate in the Exorcism of the current infestation of Darkness of Republican Neoliberal—Not Conservatives, in the USA’s political cadre, through their VOTE.  Summation?  Either the formation of Light will occur further in the USA, to clear the infestation, or the further creation of Darkness by truly baby and adolescent Souls who currently lack the ability, fortitude or foresight of conscience, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.3


  1. Neoliberalism: The philosophy that public ownership and regulation is inherently less efficient than management by financial operators. The policy conclusion is that the public domain and government enterprises should be privatized and the sales proceeds used to roll back taxes on the highest wealth and income brackets. Unlike the liberalism of Adam Smith and subsequent free-trade economists, neoliberalism endorses an intrusive role of government to protect property and financial fortunes without regard to long-term tendency for the exponential growth of debt to exceed and indeed undercut the economy’s ability to pay. (See Internal Contradiction, Junk Science, Neoconservatives and Social Market.) –  Hudson, Michael. “N Is for Neo-Serfdom, O for Offshore Banking.” Economics. Michael Hudson: on finance, real estate and the powers of neoliberalism, January 23, 2014.[]
  2. Administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda E. McMahon; Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Gina Haspel; Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney; Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue; Secretary of Commerce Wilbur L. Ross, Jr.; Secretary of Education Elisabeth Prince DeVos; Secretary of Energy James Richard Perry; Secretary of Homeland Security Kirsten Nielsen; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Benjamin S. Carson, Sr.; Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao; Secretary of the Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin; the sinking halo of Vice President Michael R. Pence[]
  3. Mount, Steve. “U.S. Constitution – Preamble – The U.S. Constitution Online – USConstitution.Net.” Political. U.S. Constitution. Accessed November 7, 2018.[]
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