The Butlers to the Elite: Politicians.

Watching the news today, with the current Russian Trojan Horse called the Trump administration, being catered to with adulation and obsequious ardor in the Republican party, a window of awareness dawned into what I was observing and hearing from various moderators interviewing Congressional representatives about healthcare:

Politicians are loyal Butlers to the Elite, being paid to do so.

It was enough of an awareness to be prompted to share on my twitter account with the bias in the political media seeking to defend it’s corporate paymaster political agenda presenting itself in the lack of true questioning within on air public dialogue


And again earlier in this thread:

The Elite are demanding Austerity via their Butlers, otherwise known as US Representatives, and to shift the burden of taxes, in a myriad of forms (service fees, tolls, day to day price increases) and to heap these fees onto the middle class and poor. Some of these taxes will be in the form resulting from the current propaganda in the political media barkering the Public-Private-Partnerships which will resultant service fees (tax) and tolls (tax) onto users and provide a gravy train for Corporations seeking to own everything in site.

you know you want to do it:
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