Thoughts on Progess

Scientific progress, without illuminated understanding of the inherent worth of every human being, shackles untold billions of people in this generation and the next in slavery to the chariots of despotism and special privilege.  It seems not to matter much on who comments about it, or how often; this appears to be a cyclical template emerging within the race mind of business leaders in this world to further enslave any attempts for freedom in societies. Mystics can and do see through the chimera of black magic called opines.

Science is a knife that can cut both ways, depending on the ‘who’ in science and what the personality of the ‘who’ is infatuated with what they think they might have uncovered.  In damaged and/or underdeveloped personalities resultant from partly environmental and hereditary characteristics, there becomes an encoded expression rising within the incarnate race mind.  This ‘race mind’ rises from a permutation factors which still represent a dynamic appearance of a moving recompilation of unburnt karma from the history of delusion found in feudalism.

In humanity’s family, our nations had escaped this damage of human history not too long ago.  The ghostly reappearance of this persistent and unchecked impulses originating from the ‘lizard brain’, in this case unmasks business leaders who seek to overcome the chagrin  of their lost control of governance due to the disinfection that sunlight provides in social orders.  Today’s modern society can provide a plethora of mantras providing cover from detection; this one in particular hides under the guise of misleading bullshit called ‘economic efficiency.’

Yet, behind all of the spurious activity of the synthetic trope called the marketplace, there are basically two types of progress: growth vertically which is spiritual: growth out of the bonds of delusion and growth horizontally: continuity of being an effect from the knowledge of good & evil, which is the glib sophistry embedded in the Eros of materialism.  Of the vertical progress, we can speak of that later.  For now I am attenuating the horizontal progress into devolution.

What appears to be technical evolution may be, often times, nothing more than a devolutionary growth into a sideways channel that we refer to in our order as ‘horizontal growth’, that is, growth which enables humans to have more/do more with the use of technology that has a whole slew of toll-booths that will get less and less paying traffic because wages are not in a fair proportion to ‘corporate-borg’ profits that seek to suck the life out of its surroundings as to which the bestiality of Chicago school style neoliberal policies bring to life in Flint, Michigan and in other cities in the United States.  It is this kind of unnecessary crap-o-nomics, in my opinion, that the Beltway Media @CBNC appears to represent and stand for.

Cities such as Flint, MI and others have public infrastructure being put up to auction, to be bid upon, sometimes silently and sometimes highly visible to anyone but the ignorant paid-not-to-look beltway broadcasters (advertising payola) by the private financial sector.  The Finance Sector must be laughing their asses off when political schmucks the likes of Governor Rick Snyder and others who are grossly illiterate to the long term consequences of privatizing public holdings and are nothing more than a temporary puppet much as Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican carrying the banner of the GOP’s merry men’s  brand of fiscal policies: Neoliberal Junk Economics he and his party represents.  Where else but in the United States of America would residences from Flint, Michigan, be forced to pay for lead-laden water from a private provider?

So current progress appears to be nothing more than leaps and bounds backward to the pre-Enlightenment period of history, except in this instance the power of science is being used to bullshit people while fueling the attempt of a handful of Capitalistic Oligarchs1 with their brood of corporate henchman and Corporate Entities for the usurpation of the authority of government, the voice of YOU, the people.

Granted we do have problems with some people in government, nowhere near the problem we have in Americans backstabbing Americans for a profit.

The modern Republican party seeks to uphold its blackenstein behavior to disassemble modern nations with the Warcraft of the  Finance by scaring misinformed citizens with a ton of verbal bashings mischaracterizing reality  such as, “We have to stop borrowing,” fact is the Federal Government doesn’t have to borrow from anyone let alone the ilk on Wallstreet or in another example,  the “Federal government is going bankrupt/insolvent and that the debt will harm our children,” another falsehood with no basis in reality.

The sickness of the Schizoidal Neoliberal2-Neoconservative3 is causing brain rot in both Republicans and Democrats.

Nothing could be further from the facts or truth that these organizations who hire advertising to be hoisted to produce fear in the goodness of Americans.  This art of lies comes from the scientific findings of behaviorism, a choir of verbal abuse generated by the community of American business people. A well paid for science serving to assist a many headed hydra’s corporate parasitism. We have been witnessing a resurgence of the new feudal lords wielding vast swaths of ownership in finance, knowledge and patents to name a few, in the take over of our country aided by tantrums of emotionally misguided individuals residing in power such as the late Justice Antonin Scalia or some of the twisted and perverted jurisprudence from Justice Samuel Alito giving way to Citizens United and the weakening blow to the Voter’s Rights Act .  Just look at footage of what happened in the Arizona Presidential Preference election (primaries), 60 polling place for one county reduced from 200+ OR 1 polling place for every 21,000 people-Thank You oh bloviate irrational wonders of  conservative SCOTUS who helped to do this.  What jackasses.

So scientific progress, for whom and what?  This appears to be a massive use of scientific mind, especially in behavioral sciences, to gain control of the instinctual nature of free people.  Since it is not talked about it would appear to be a covert operation.  Nevertheless, it’s design is to betray you and create the conditions necessary so that you give consent for corporate borgs (which are inherently a socialism hive) to determine your choices and your worth.  Seems like only the monied interests4 are making progress.

But this kind of progress requires a fear induced by a form of mesmerism achievable only by today’s attention harnessed by a technology of visualization in order to secure a consensus agreement called the fantasia of scarcity.  This is devolutionary in its intentional design to remove your freedom freedom thru fear.  I don’t call that progress, I call it totalitarian capitalism and it hates that you still have power.

Thankfully we still have dental health–there might still be some true progress to hold onto, at least our mouths can be cleaned.  I never thought of this before but maybe purgatory is, in a sense, God washing out the shortcomings in the mouths of souls who haven’t gained dominion over their own personalities, instead of trying to gain control of others.

We have plenty of problems and yet the only scarcity we truly have is anyone having the balls to present what is truly going on with the silent thieves in the night; that the only thing horrifying is the rapid shift of capitalism into totalitarian capitalism along with the backstabbing, lies and greed in our American Business system with it’s used car salesman tonality seeking to shortchanged or even circumvent the evolutionary progress of the family of humanity.

But wait-there’s sure to be more lurking within the halls built by greedy people under the moniker of capitalism!  Welcome to the new and improved  emerging dark ages.

-Rev. David Strickler

full version of Rev. Strickler’s article can be found here:

Takeover, the New Dark Ages

  1. Oligarchy: Rule by the few, usually the rich, and hence an economically polarized society. The term recently has been applied to the Russia’s “free market” kleptocrats who obtained Russia’s raw-materials resources and other assets under Pres. Yeltsin in 1996 through insider trading. The term has been extended to Latin America and other economies that polarize as wealth concentrates in the financial class at the top of the pyramid.[]
  2. Neoliberalism: The philosophy that public ownership and regulation is inherently less efficient than management by financial operators. The policy conclusion is that the public domain and government enterprises should be privatized and the sales proceeds used to roll back taxes on the highest wealth and income brackets. Unlike the liberalism of Adam Smith and subsequent free-trade economists, neoliberalism endorses an intrusive role of government to protect property and financial fortunes without regard to long-term tendency for the exponential growth of debt to exceed and indeed undercut the economy’s ability to pay.[]
  3. Neoconservatives: Ideologues who oppose government authority and taxation of wealth, except where governments are controlled by the financial and property sectors. Neoconservatives view democratic governments that impose progressive income taxes to finance public infrastructure and other economic welfare as being as reprehensible as the pre-democratic regimes criticized by Adam Smith and other early liberals protesting against governments controlled by autocratic monarchs spending tax revenue largely on the wars and colonial ventures. Neoconservatives in fact tend to support wars to enforce the Washington Consensus throughout the world. []
  4. the highly visible and annoying anti-American economics from the group known as Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which has the ability to spend untold millions of in advertising (political payola) to purchase talking heads and commercial fear on all major networks such as @ABC, @CNN, @CNBC, @MSNBC, @NBC, @CBS, @PBS and @COMCAST to misinform citizens with their untrue economics propaganda disguised as factual political information through mass misinformation in order to have the reign to damage our Nation by promoting their brand of fear through their untrue twisted economics on for instance, the national debt. You can sample the Peterson Foundation lying through their Foundation’s Teeth here in “Disappearing Act‘. In terms of standards established in our economic history and and without the junk science what they promote is a contrivance of pure BullShit. Because it is the Private Debt that is a threat to our way of life, NOT THE FEDERAL DEBT” debt-to-gdp-public-private[]
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