of Perpetuity


of Perpetuity

(rough draft: revised and updated: July 7, 2015)

The past week I noticed intermittent commercials for a new Drama television program by Kyra Sedgwick on TNT called ‘PROOF‘.  Finally, I thought, could it be?  Judging from the preview commercials of ‘PROOF’, maybe a television program tuned to a different theme other than the usual hullabaloo hordes of blood sucking ‘Political/Wallstreet/Banker/ISIL-ZOMBIES’ walking around feasting on dead or alive flesh when there wasn’t a pension fund or public monies to loot and suck-dry-meme!

Life after Death…the problem lies with the logical invalidity of the statement ‘after death’; it is irrational even though subconsciousness will effortlessly work to infuse individual internal construct-perception of Life after Death, as it will with any erroneous premise through its almost infallible use of deductive logic.

So, with the proposition not framed correctly in English along with our conception of Death, a conflict will will emerge in the apprehension of what occurs ‘after death’, because the logical conclusion is nothing, so subconsciousness lives up to this soap opera by creating uncertainty and a temporary inability to ‘see, comprehend’ anything after death, presenting itself as a wall of separation blocking further awareness in the level of self-consciousness.  Life after Death doesn’t exist insofar as is presented in the statement ‘Life after Death’:  Life begets Life and this is the starting point and what remains is only to understand what ‘Death’ actually is instead of is not.

The television show ‘PROOF’ will be challenged by the subconsciousness presentation of this wall of separation as is remembered in various levels of the milieu’s mind that recalling its considerations of the meme the label ‘Life after Death’.

So, Yes, thus far, the ‘PROOF’ is a welcomed relief as stated above, for viewers as myself who are interested in how they frame this challenging narrative especially since the dialogue of Perpetuity (Life goes on after the physical body is discarded), has taken on better linguistic and ease of semantic description within the first decade of this new century.  Hats off to the producer and talented actors for tackling a difficult Ontology1 of perpetuity.

However, mystics also rely on measurements to substantiate and/or indicate different levels of consciousness.  Here again, the challenge of how measurements can provide Proof about the Perpetuity of Consciousness, of the perpetual(ש) principle actually existing and emanating from within consciousness? Perpetuity and/or the perpetual(ש) nature of consciousness can be confounding to a self consciousness bound by a non-sacred language of English inherently beset by limitations of time and space, let alone prove perpetuity by some form of measurement.  Especially since surface appearance of organisms and events seems to portray evidence to the contrary?  All is not what it seems and all you see isn’t all there is to know-as referenced by the Hebrew letter ע Ayin, the path of the Renewing Intelligence.

Practically inside the same few weeks, trying to test my brain’s to filter-out extraneous background noise (having the TV on) while performing a task, I was struck by a sentence, pronounced by Prof. Brian Cox on a science series that I enjoy on the Science channel; I may not be quoting him exactly but he said something to the effect that the ‘universe became conscious 4 billion years ago’.  My initial reaction was, “What did you just say?  How insane!”  My compassionate response was, “Well, science is still in process of chasing shadows in the rolling wakes of epiphenomenon generated by the response to Soul’s noumenal experience, within the Soul’s chemical clothes which render appearances.”  At the very least, maybe science has begun to pick up and grow despite being mesmerized; tormented by any remains of its own rigid, consensual Ego.

Alongside these ponderings, I was attending to mending the many digital fiascoes that, in all likelihood, I had unintentionally set into motion.  This required of me a few weeks to resolve which brought a bevy of neurological pressure inevitably shoving me into the ‘my brain hurts’ experience known well by those of us with physical bodies marred by stroke or brain injury2.  No sarcasm here, I proceeded to take what amounted to 5 days of sleep and in bed to recover from the log jam I stomped into my nervous system to which some readers may relate.  This does beg a question in the digital world:  Is there any such thing as a straight line and hey science, how do you get rid of the mineral line that exists in toilets?

The statement of the “universe became conscious 4 billion years ago”, however, continued to sound like a cacophony of irritation. Sometimes what becomes a repeating, expanding gnosis within a mystic becomes a backdrop in the heart of a mystic, helping to provide contrast when listening to external commentaries coming from the vocal-wonderum in the mainstream disciplines.  In particular, it was an exasperating oddity hearing people espouse that the universe ‘became conscious 4 billion years ago.’

Didn’t they know?

Why don’t they know?

The Universe became conscious of what?

Perhaps they can’t read the Bible correctly 3 I was trained in how to read and compile the Bible in an ongoing understanding derived from its original languages which ensconce measurement (number) and noun with a letter that openly conveys a principle and vibration of consciousness, not limited by the dull wit of a synthetic English language.

Many handicaps exist within any manifestation, the font appearance ( ע Ayin) called this Universe.  Especially since its simple un-immaculate inception from an erroneous premise to a full blown construct of this dimension that we call the Universe, along with its type of gravity ingraining movement slow enough to test the skills of a Soul in avoiding an experience of collapse into either Despair 4 or loss of Dominion.  It is no wonder why the Great Rabbi, Jesus Christ, likely had a stock in aspirin.

In fairness though, I can understand the constricted biological perspective these scientists might be attempting to convey when stating “universe became conscious 4 billion years ago.”  Yet again this brings me back to ‘all that is seen is not all that there is to know’.  The powers nature has to mimic the source of its response to the seen or unseen, as can be witnessed first-hand within our personal organism, is at best its own shortcoming in its ability to conceal what is transpiring (natures reaction) in the wide open.  Are the powers of nature best at pointing a finger perhaps?

Does the statement that the “universe became conscious 4 billion years ago” carry with it the premise that matter created consciousness? If the hypothesis of ‘matter creating’ consciousness is being used in scientific assumptions along with other highly imaginatively derived theoretical thought, where imagination is used to render a starting picture (in other words, having to make crap up for a starting point) that points toward the discovery of facts, pointing to and resulting in “knowledge” almost anything can seem possible.

From the eroded scope of human history jigged within this peculiar frequency of light used to pursue our understanding of what is called ‘life’ (extending from whatever remains of Nicholas of Cusa’s seminal influences on scientific method in sciences 5), the active voices within the sciences are feeble in describing the non-physical Life principle that generates the cosmic fabric of nature which recycles its said fabric of said energies under the label of ‘Death’.

I could accept the view that the Big Bang Theory was resulting from a sleeping state of our Universe (more on this later) from knowledge and experiences of consciousness that is stored in the encrypted, cryptic containers of cultural mythologies and also in the symbolism of hermeticism.

Of course many times on this hospital ship called Earth, it can look like a tale told by damaged idiots; nature is far from perfect.  All one has to do is to look around at the current lot of sick souls sleep walking in the some of the scientific, political and spiritual organizations on the face of the earth where to be found are a number of ‘leaders’ to lead people away from working hard on the road to peaceful growth, abundance and coexistence. This is why I make the case for the study of Economics as a necessary prerequisite in learning how to measure. Economics is easier to absorb, explain and develop discernment to apprehend some of the simplicities, complexities in the nature of the founding principles of creation stored and vibrating (פ Peh’d) within consciousness.

So the short version is: NO! The Universe didn’t become ‘conscious’ 4 billion years or so ago. It was and is permeating in its container, Perpetuity of consciousness, since its beginning.  This perpetuity will continue on, long after the fabric and container of this universe disappears.  Taking into consideration the amount of true insights produced by the scientific community, Science still fails to understand that the blinding shadow of light is a covering of the Sentient Being  of our Sun which emanates perpetuity in our solar system. But I can see and understand how they could be confused by appearances.

With science still hypnotized by the illusion of time and space, it is a better rendering from the Perpetual aspects of consciousness, to state that it has taken 14 billion years for the mundane powers of nature in this Universe, a dimension created in error, to adequately evolve a physical vehicle, relative to the little knowledge science currently has of mankind’s history, enabling some limited expression to the ever living human consciousness which was, is and will continue existing, long before the initial sound that created the flash of how this Universe came in with a Bang.

Rev. David Strickler;  June 19, 2015

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler

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  2. .  Aside, this brings me to give a deserving special public Thank You to Cristabelle Braden for producing videos to help those who do not understand invisible injuries and those who have difficulty understanding the type of injury affecting 1.75 million of us annually.  I share the videos from Hope After Head Injury found here: http://hopeafterheadinjury.com/[]
  3. Jewish Exegesis: Peshat (פְּשָׁט) – pronounced peh-shaht’ – meaning “simple” or the literal, fundamental meaning; Remez (רֶמֶז) – pronounced reh-amez’ – meaning “hint” or the deep (allegoric: hidden or symbolic) meaning beyond just the literal sense; Derash (דְּרַשׁ) – pronounced deh-rahsh’ also called “Midrash,” meaning “concept”, from Hebrew darash: “inquire” (“seek”) – the comparative (midrashic) meaning, as given through similar occurrences; Sod (סוֹד) – pronounced with a long O as in ‘sore’ – “secret” (“mystery”) or the esoteric/mystical meaning, as given through inspiration or revelation.[]
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